Out-Skirts – Four Wardrobe Fixups for the New Year


Clearing out a wardrobe is all about getting rid of the old stuff, and making room for new stuff.

That’s the principle behind any kind of positive change in your closet, and it’s tough making those changes sometimes, but it’s a necessary evil in the quest to avoid bad fashion in the future. What is the best way to work out what to throw out and what to keep? Maybe it’s time to get rid of that bathing suit from 10 years ago and get some bikini bottoms from FELLA, or maybe you don’t need that denim jacket anymore. For the rest of the corduroy-and-cotton closet, we’ve got our guide for four wardrobe fixups for the new year to help you along the long and poorly lit corridor of fashion sense in the modern day.  

Swap the Legwear

The pants you were wearing last year might look fine to you, and they might be fine to your co-workers and family, but the greater world of fashion moves faster than a racehorse in a speedboat, and legwear from last year can seem positively archaic.

Getting two or three new pairs of pants can change up your whole look in the same way that getting an entire new outfit can, as it adds new contrasts to the shirts you’ve been wearing all along, and new and different cuts of fabric can make your outfit completely fresh-looking.

Change-up the Colours

A new set of colours in an old wardrobe is the kind of thing that can turn someone from a villain to a hero in a disney movie. In the real world, the change isn’t so drastic, but it is just as relevant and noticeable, as it adds a whole new dimension to the clothes you’re already comfortable with wearing.

I’m not suggesting you get a hot pink three piece suit and wear it on a forty degree day to the beach, but going with a dark red instead of a light blue can bring whole new colour palettes to the forefront of your fashion sense, and send the worries of being less than fashionable far away.

Out with the Old

Here comes the hard part – throwing out beloved items of clothing.

I know you wore that t-shirt the first time you saw Led Zeppelin, and I know that scarf was the only item of clothing that got you through that icy winter, but neither of these things are relevant fashion-wise anymore, and there’s a rule to what you should keep, and what you should throw out.

Generally speaking, throwing out clothes comes down to a few different factors; how old it is, how much you wear it, and how recently you’ve worn it. If there’s anything you haven’t worn for longer than twelve months, throw it out or donate it to charity.

If an item of clothing is so old it’s laughable, fashionably speaking, throw it out or donate it unless it’s old enough to be making a vintage comeback soon. If you wore it all the time six months ago, and haven’t touched it since, disregarding weather, throw it out. All of this room allows you to open your arms wide to the possibilities of new clothes, which we’ll discuss now.

In with the New

A breath of fresh air, a smile from a friend, a cold drink on a hot day, and new clothes are among some of the best things money can buy. In the coming year, a trip to some of your favourite clothing stores should be at the top of your to-do list.

If you can find the spare money for two or three new pairs of pants, two or three new tops, and a few accessories, you can literally overhaul your entire wardrobe for the whole year. Buying changeable clothes and accessories that can be used throughout the seasons is a great way to diversify your whole year of fashion without having to shop for each season separately, and it means you don’t refill your wardrobe with a lot of clothes you won’t need in the future.

Fashion is a necessary evil in this day and age, and the faster you can get ahead of the curve, the easier it becomes to find what works for you.