Slide into Summer with These Simple Renovation Projects


Summer’s nearly here, which means more sunshine, more fresh air and plenty more backyard BBQs on the weekends. And despite the continued social distancing, the season still marks a great time for renovation projections. Namely, summer’s a fantastic opportunity for projects that enhance your enjoyment of the outdoor elements: light, fresh air and heat. 

If you’re looking to slide into summer the right way, here are a few simple renovation projects you can take on, either in a DIY capacity or with the help of a few (socially distanced) installers. These are projects that can seriously amplify your summer enjoyment, but that also have advantages the rest of the year. 

Break out that home reno vision board – it’s time to start brainstorming!

Slide into Summer with a Sliding Door

What says “slide into summer” more than easy access to the backyard? For a simple renovation project that will make your indoor and outdoor spaces look better, replace that backdoor or drafty old sliding door with a new sliding patio door. Not only will a new sliding door add elegance to your patio, but it will also help with year-round energy efficiency. 

Choose a high quality aluminum, wood or vinyl sliding door from a quality window and door company and hire a trusted renovator to install (unless, of course, you’re confident in your handy skills!). 

Polish Up Your Patio With a Brick and Wood Motif

When you’re outside enjoying the sunshine, you want to be reminded of the elements. There are plenty of beautiful examples of poured concrete or tile back patios, but you can’t beat the timeless, rugged and rustic look of brick. Together with hardwood furnishings, brick lends an earthy aesthetic to the backyard, a perfect foreground for plants and grass. 

Laying real brick can be a time-consuming and costly DIY undertaking, but using brick pavers (essentially thin slabs meant to mimic the veneer of brick) laid overtop gravel or concrete is a cheap, easy and durable alternative. 

Shine a Little Light!

There are two ways of introducing more light into the home – artificially and naturally. 

For artificial lighting, try pendant lights and modern chandeliers if you want to give more depth and texture to the space. To blend the lighting in with the interior, try LED strips in various corners and crevices of the house – under cabinets, behind fixtures and even around a raised patio. 

For natural light, consider skylights or broad bay windows. To think “outside the square”, try architectural windows, either in traditional or modern styles. Like the sliding door, they serve a threefold function: they improve the home’s aesthetic, let natural light in and lower your energy bill. 

Light, fresh air and heat – they’re the elements that make a summer special. To add more light, choose efficient windows or splashy light fixtures; to make the most of the hot weather, create a backyard oasis out of brick and wood; and to enjoy the fresh air, add an elegant sliding door to the back patio. They may be simple additions, but they make all the difference!