Small home? Here are five tips to maximize your holiday storage 


Christmas – there’s a lot to love about this annual end-of-year event. Given the way we celebrate it, there’s nothing surprising about the fact that, well, most of us struggle with the same issue once the season ends. Storage.

If you think about it, the average household with a bundle of Christmas decorations only needs them for thirty to forty days a year – once the gatherings and festivities end, you’re forced to put them aside for the other 325. The catch? Not everyone has a sizable garage or cupboard to stack heavy boxes on top of each other. However, now there are some neat tricks to get around this. We’re sharing five tips for maximizing your holiday storage successfully.

1) Have The Tree Shrink Wrapped

If you’re like most households who put up a Christmas tree every year, chances are it’s the artificial kind you own, but putting it up and breaking it down can be time-consuming. But guess what? It is NOT necessary to take apart your tree and place everything inside a box. Thankfully, there’s a practical alternative.

The trick is shrink wrapping. This is what’ll keep your tree clean and well-protected the whole year round while also freeing up a bit more room in your garage or spare room. When December comes along once again, all you have to do is slice up the side of the wrap with scissors and fluff the branches back into shape. And the lights are already set at their proper positions. No assembly or stringing that’s required. Hooray!

2) Utilise Empty Cans & Bottles

Not only is this one a real space saver, but it’s definitely another way to play your part in recycling and being eco-friendly. Think about all your stringed light bulbs and mini decorations along the edges of windows and doors. What makes these items painstaking to store isn’t just the need for enough space, but also packing them in a way that doesn’t tangle up cords or put pressure on the bulbs.

Therefore, try gathering a few empty (and washed) cans of coffee or other food/drink products and slit their plastic lids. From there, it’s simply about pushing through the plug end of a string of lights, while the rest of the string can be neatly wrapped outside each can. You’ll notice the difference immediately – sayonara, tangles!

For the smaller stuff used for decoration like garland and beads, consider using empty water bottles to stash them. You’ll notice how a standard bottle can easily hold two strands, and when the next Christmas season arrives, you’ll have no problem pouring them back out without a hitch.

 3) Store Wreaths On A Garment Rack

This next tip is handy for those who go big on wreaths during the holidays. Wreaths are a joy to hang and use for coloring up windows and doors, but once the season ends, they’re some of the bulkier stuff to stow away. So instead, invest in a nice clothing rack to have them rest vertically (like they’re really meant to) in your attic or basement. Note that you can bend the bottom of the wire hanger around these Christmas wreaths. Finally, ensure that they’re wrapped in plastic so they avoid accumulating dust.

4) Get Furniture With Hidden Storage Spaces

Is investing in new house furniture on the cards for you? If so, whatever you might be leaning towards as you look around, add to your criteria the ability to “hide” bulky Christmas decor. Be a little creative here – if you need a new bathroom stool or table to the side of your couch, why not get the types with a sneaky drawer at the bottom that can store a bunch of smaller decorations. 

5) Use Storage Items That Hang Over the Door

Who wouldn’t love having quick and easy access to their wrapping paper, scissors, ribbons, and tape for the holidays year in and year out? That’s the beauty of getting ample vertical storage set up at home. Doing research is a must here, but the most important features you’d want for these storage items would be (A) easy to hang over or line the back of your door and (B) made of wire or another material that’s almost as sturdy. A slim wire basket is one example that truly fits the bill. 

One More Tip – Declutter

Remember that your storage experience is only as good as the way you minimize clutter and redundant household items. If you stick to keeping only what’s necessary for you and the whole family (say two sets of towels instead of eight, for instance) and frequently disposing of worn and useless items, you allow yourself more room for shuffling things around. And to your surprise, you may end up finding new, practical spots for storing your Christmas decor. So try not to neglect this last one!