Small things that can help you to make your business more eco friendly


With the growing awareness of climate change and raising plastic consumption, many companies look for ways to become greener. Getting more eco-friendly is not only profitable for the environment but also for the business’ budget and its public image. It doesn’t matter if you’re just about to set up a new company or improve an already existing one, there are many reasons why companies should become green. Below we pointed out small things that can help your business become more eco friendly. 


Thermo cups

A very easy way to become greener is by making your employees reduce plastic. The popularity of multiple-use thermo mugs and reusable plastic cups is growing, as much as paper coffee sleeves to put on a cup. Companies like Hotshot Sleeves make it possible with their custom printing services. Thermo cups significantly facilitate daily coffee drinking with its solid material and ability to keep the drink warm for a long time. It’s a great solution for companies. Instead of investing in plastic cups, you can get all the employees a good quality reusable cup with the company’s logo. It’s practical, good-looking, advertises the business, and helps the environment.

Eco-friendly commuting

As a business owner, you can have an impact even on the way your employees commute to work. Providing them with so-called Multisport cards gives them free 60 min access to the city bikes. Instead of using air contaminating cars, they can switch to a zero-emissions bike and additionally work on their condition. Such a short workout oxygenates the brain which can make the employee more productive. Moreover, no car, no traffic. You don’t need to be worried that someone won’t make it to work on time again. It looks like eco-friendly commuting not only helps the environment but can also improve your organization’s work. 

Provide recycling bins

Another simple way to make your business greener is recycling bins in the company. Teach your employees good habits and announce obligatory trash segregation. You can contribute to giving new life to some garbage and reduce the amount of mixed rubbish unable to segregate. 

Recycled furniture 

This is a great way to set up a new business with lower costs and distinguish yourself from the competition. Recycled, second-handed, or even DIY furniture brings up a great vibe to the place. If you want to run a coffee shop, a cocktail bar, or a hostel, such extraordinary interior furnishing may be hard to forget by your customers and gain the interests of many people on the street. Moreover, vintage, recycled furniture is much less expensive than brand new interior equipment. As a result, you have an outstanding design, save money, and help the environment. Transparent communication about recycled materials you used in your working place will definitely work positively for many eco-friendly potential customers that for sure would like to support your business.

Water filters 

So cheap, so simple and so helpful! Water filters significantly reduce the amount of plastic and help the environment. As a company, providing free water for the employees is a great solution to educate them on how easy and important using tap water can be. As a cafe or a restaurant, you can serve your customers with free tap water with some fruits and herbs inside. It’s refreshing, doesn’t cost you a lot and for sure will be appreciated by the customers simply because the water in restaurants can be really pricey! 

Paper straws

As a restaurant owner, you have a great impact on how to green your business.  Let’s start with a must attribute for drinks – straw. That plastic tube has already killed plenty of animals and caused big environmental damage. If you want to follow the green restaurant trend, provide your customers with paper, metal, or bamboo straws. They are a great substitute for a regular plastic straw and help to reduce plastic consumption.

No plastic takeaway 

If you have a food business and want to make it greener, a great solution is no plastic takeaway materials. Instead of using millions of small plastic boxes, you can offer paper containers. Small snacks and sandwiches are very easy to wrap in craft paper materials. Cutlery given to the customers can be made of wood and extra paid. People who pay attention to eco-friendly solutions wouldn’t mind paying some more for non-plastic takeaway.  


Discount for non-plastic users


Another thing you can do for your food business is providing discounts for customers who bring their own takeaway bottles and boxes. It won’t cost your business a lot and for sure will contribute to the positive image of your organization. Popularizing green solutions for food can attract new customers to you and simply increase people’s awareness about plastic reduction. 

The bottom line

There are many ways for your company to become more environmentally friendly. Making small changes doesn’t have to cost you a lot of extra money but can lower garbage production and increase human awareness. Being green matters!