Smart Home Creation, but Make It DIY

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Digitizing the living environment allows people to automate every process in their home and maintain their techniques with the help of a control console. As well as being time-efficient, smart houses offer the possibility to save money. Is it possible to set up a DIY smart house on your own?

By improving a smart home with appliances on your own, you will get all the features needed for daily comfort. This can feel like a big job, especially for people who have older houses. Nevertheless, it will become easier when you approach it methodically.

Where Do I Start My Smart Home?

While considering the advancement of the house through technology, you should first determine its target objective, i.e. the primary focus:

  • Convenience – it covers technology, helping to automate day-to-day tasks, like turning off/on lights or music, adjusting standing desks automatically, controlling kitchen appliances, etc.
  • Energy-efficiency – includes technology, which is aimed at saving water, reducing of electricity consumption, etc.

To start with one or two devices, you should have a good Wi-Fi signal throughout the house and a smartphone. Once you have learned the methodology of the process, you can add more appliances. One should also mention that they will be easier to maintain if you set up a smart speaker.

Top 10 Smart Devices to Get Started

  • Smart speaker (Echo or Google Home). It has a built-in voice-activated virtual assistant that allows you to control everything from lighting to safety.
  • Smart plug. This product allows you to control all that you plug in (portable fans, lamps, washer, etc.).
  • Smart doorbell. It sends a notification to your smartphone when your guest reaches the door. It becomes activated when the visitor presses the button.
  • Smart light bulb. In addition to reducing energy consumption, it can control your lights, adjusting their colour and brightness to read, relax or watch movies.
  • Smart thermostat. It automatically adjusts to offer you cost-effective comfort based on learning your heating and air conditioning habits.
  • Home security camera. It helps to keep an eye on your home indoors and outdoors. Indoor models help keep an eye on children and pets, while outdoor appliances can catch walkers in action.
  • Multi-room audio system. This type of speaker system makes it possible to enjoy the favourite music throughout your home.
  • Smart smoke detector. Unlike the usual smoke detectors that produce nothing but unpleasant sound, a smart device will not only emit sound but will send an alert to your phone (and anyone you authorize as a contact).
  • Smart irrigation system. This option is focused on the hydration of the lawn and its healthy and long-lasting growth.
  • Smart coffee maker. It allows its owner to control the timing of his favourite cup of coffee in a moment or with a timer via a smartphone.

Transforming your home into a smart home is the best way to connect the necessary devices in a way that saves your time and money, and thus, improves the comfort of a living environment.