Smart Kitchen Trends that will Rule 2018


As the factory that manufactures the bread of life, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home. It is no wonder that modern home technology has not left it behind in the process of digitizing and elevating homes to become tech-compliant. In this post, home improvement experts at thesis writing help will delve into some of the trends that will rule 2018. To learn more, remain with this post until the end.

Smart Coffee Making

Every time is coffee time, so goes the saying. If you love coffee, then this trend should excite you. Manufacturers are crafting smart devices that can allow you to brew your coffee to your perfect temperatures and preferences.

Smart Refrigeration

The fridge is one of the most important devices in the home. It helps you to preserve food to prevent wastage besides keeping your food fresh to allow you enjoy healthy food. In the quest for a smart kitchen, refrigeration is also benefiting from the smart revolution. Modern fridges now have intelligent capabilities such as sensors and cameras on their inside and outside. With such sensors at work, the smart fridge can sense the content and suggest you recipes on your door display. Moreover, they also feature intelligent digital assistants that coordinate touch, voice, and gesture interactions. Lastly, this technology facilitates online grocery ordering based on its content quantity.

Smart Pot Pressure Cooking

Even though pressure cooking has been here for some time, it has not been “smart enough.” This year, we are seeing manufacturers fitting pressure cookers with more intelligent capabilities that are enabling them to perform more functions. For instance, the cookers can cook and steam intelligently. Don’t forget that the digitized pressure cookers can reduce your cooking time by up to 70 percent. And if you are searching for a kitchen appliance that cooks by circulating hot air around the food than choose the best air fryer

Digital Sensing

Another intelligent digital trend that is sweeping kitchens this year is digital sensing. With this technology, you can understand the food that is in the fridge and plate. Moreover, it is also empowering kitchens to sense water to allow you to have a digitally sensitive kitchen.

Wireless Power

Electric wires have been a common feature in our kitchen for too long. But this year, home appliance makers are delving deep into making kitchen counter appliances that utilize wireless power. This tech will make the kitchen more decent and remove the unsightly scenes created by appliance cords. Moreover, they will increase the level of safety in the kitchen since wires can be a risk if they are mishandled. With this tech trend, you only need an infrared transmitter in the ceiling to connect your kitchen devices.

Easy-clean Oven

Lastly, the oven technology is receiving a new boost. Manufacturers are focusing on ovens that can automatically preheat food at specified times. Moreover, they make cooking easier than what their unintelligent counterparts. Moreover, some of them feature dishwasher connection that can receive information regarding what you just cooked to enable it select them most suitable wash cycle.

The trends are here. Are you ready to embrace them?