Smart Moving Checklist for Pet Owners


How deep is your bond with your pet? Most of you would fail to answer this question, for the sheer lack of being able to describe your love for them in words. Ain’t it true?

A pet is such a valuable part of your life, you would hardly want them to suffer, feel pain or abandoned at any cost and in any situation. So how would you take care of them while moving to a new house?

Moving home is a stressful job for everyone, including your pets. Animals find love and comfort in people and places. And it can be extremely disturbing for them to experience transition or a sudden change in their day to day life. 


So here are some smart tips to help your pet accept the move to a new place in a relaxed manner— 

Start Small with Ensuring Security

Animals are very sensitive to emotions, situations, people and places. It can be really helpful for your little furry friend to be away from all the chaos of too many people going in and out, especially on the day of moving home. It’s best to ask a family member or a neighbour that your pet is familiar with to take care of them. More often than not, your pets will want to run free, so remember to either keep them locked in a well-ventilated room or ask someone that you trust and your pet is comfortable with to take them away for the day or at least until you have moved.

When Moving to Another City

If you are moving from one city to another along with your pet, visit your vet a couple of weeks before your moving date. It is a very important step to remember for a smooth travelling experience with your furry friend on the day of moving. A checklist of requirements for your pet—1) Request a copy of your pets medical history and 2) Get a vaccination certificate and other important certificates. 

It is very important to ensure that your pet is up to date with their shots. Ensure that the new address is updated on their microchip. Other than that, for ease of travelling on your moving day, many vets will help you with pheromone emitting devices if your pet is a senior or has health issues. A pheromone device emits a scent with a similar fragrance of the calming scent released by a mother to her litter.

Stay Calm and Help Your Pet

Did you know how highly tuned your pets are with your emotions? While you are preparing for moving home, you must remember to stay calm. If you are relaxed and composed, it will help your pet to stay calm as well. Moving is stressful not just for you but for your pet too. If you’re too stressed or worried about packing and other things while moving, it rubs off on to your pet, especially if you have a dog. Soon enough they will show their own signs of anxiety. Your normal behaviour will help them to be at ease, keeping all their fears and worries at bay.

Connect with a Removals Company

Whether you are moving locally or another city, it is best to connect with a trustworthy removals company. Even if you believe you can do it all by yourself, you must always keep your pet in mind. A good removals company will help you find your peace, ensuring a stress-free moving experience. You may be surprised to know, there are a number of options available to you online when choosing the best removalists in Sydney to help you with moving your home. With the help of the right removals company, you will have plenty of time for yourself so you can take good care of your pet and help them acclimatise to the experience of changing places.

Unpack their Things First

Your pets will always crave for familiarity. Also, it’s important to note, your pet finds home in you rather than in places. So it will help your pets if you unpack their things first, like their bed, toys, etc. They will always sense your love for them and this will put them at ease, when they notice how you are trying to comfort them.

Animals have a strong sense of smell, familiar scent of their belongings will help them calm down instantly and connect with the new surroundings better. It is ideal to dedicate a room to them with their belongings in it, at least for the time you are unpacking and settling your new home.

You know your pet better than anyone else. Your bonding and relationship with your pet are above everything than any online tips or tricks could ever tell you. However, sometimes it is so easy to connect with something you have been thinking about which can ease your fears and doubts when you are too stressed. Your furry friend will thank you for a lifetime if you are extra cautious and considerate of their needs while moving houses. It is not easy for your pet to switch places, even if animals love to do new things every day

Dogs, in particular, are known to form an attachment with people, places and find comfort in their everyday surroundings. One considerate step from you will not only help your pet stay calm, but it will also give you peace of mind when they are easily accepting the transition phase. If you relate with the tips mentioned above,  let us know your thoughts in the comments section. Happy Moving!