Smart Tips for Growing Oregano


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Oregano is a herb with a robust scent and flavor. It loves to grow in pots where it can spill over the edges. However, it can serve as a nice edging along a path or as great seasonal ground cover. In late summer, you can enjoy Italian or Greek oregano’s white flowers against its beautiful bright green leaves.

Soil, Planting, and Care

You can grow oregano in a garden or in pots. I need to mention that this herb prefers sunny spot, but also benefits from a little afternoon shade. Set your oregano plants in well-drained soil. They will spread easily and in late spring cut them back to one-third of its size in order to make them bushier. In zone 7, protect this type of herbs with mulch through the cold seasons. In zone 8 and southward, oregano is evergreen. You can move your oregano garden indoors during the winter. Don’t forget to cut out the dead steams in the spring season, just before the oregano begins new growth.

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Aphids, spider mites and root rot can all attack oregano. Make sure your herbs are well drained to prevent disease. You can also pick off any browning or spotted foliage. Oregano look-alike sweet marjoram, but they can be distinguished by their scents and flavors.

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For continued new growth, you need to harvest oregano often. When your plant is several inches tall, snip its sprigs. Its flavor is most intense in mid summer – just before the herb starts to bloom. So, this is the best time to harvest leaves for drying. But, did you know that this herb is stronger dried than fresh? When you want to do a big harvest, cut the stems just above the plant’s lowest set of leaves. This will also encourage new growth for the next cutting in late summer. You can put the leaves in the fridge or dry them.

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