Tips to Drive the Power of the Social Media Network


Social Media is the fastest growing online marketing segment getting more and more people’s attention. The Social Media Network revolutionized in a way we do all our thing. Question is: How can you drive the power of the Social Media Network to attract 5 to 10 recruits each month?

Best and Powerful Social Media Marketing Tips:

Focus more on telling out your story & creating interactions.

Your goal is to win your new clients, and not plenty of followers and likes. You need to stick up to the “cute cat image” daily to win latter unless your customers are the cat owners… you will not win any kind of business from these efforts for yours. You can learn many new things here at Journal Review blog to impress your clients.

Quality is better than the quantity

Many followers who share out your comment, posts, on everything or get involved is better than thousands of followers who do not interact. These thousands are the engaged and excited audience who can buy your products or services; thousands will not and unlikely not even remember who exactly you are.

Know your community

Suppose you do not want to shoot out in dark and have any financial losses you have to identify the community first.   of identification has to be done at the brainstorming stage. The social media network platform is made to meet some needs of the population. Identifying the preferences or dislikes of the community can help you in understanding psychological factors, which affect them as the consumer or what you will do to get this attention. At times need on what you’re offering will not exist in the market, for this reason, gathered demographics or psychographics data can give you the power to trigger down and create this need.

Define the functions and features

Definition of the functions and features is related to the quality of an identification of the community. Because your community needs and wants can outline and shape the features for developing the social network website. What would you like the users to do and how can you define the privacy of your data? The overall vision of the website is important. The macro scan can break things down in categories like user functions, advertising, and administrative functions, is an important thing to do.

Choose the right technology

Identifying the functions and features of the social media network can determine the right platform and company where you may create your network. The biggest issue in this stage is a doubt about what technique is efficient and effective for your media network. Assessing technology is a thing that should be done only by the professionals. Hiring the consultant for helping you to compare the technologies is the best solution. It can save you money and time.

Must have structure

When any user specific functions are listed, you should prepare the environment growth. Some general rules will apply for building web pages or are out of the huge importance for the social media platform as you are trying hard to engage the users in the social activity as well as keep them much longer on your website. There’re three pillars that you have to incorporate in case you want the social media platform to be very profitable and successful.

  •        Security – Use the reliable security systems, which can make the users feel as if they will do everything on social media network without worrying about privacy intrusion & data leaks.
  •        Scalability – If you begin building the social media network from the scratch you need to consider growth. Facebook wasn’t quite familiar with a fact that it can grow to such extent.
  •        Customer service – By partnering with the web hosting company will change your entire life. They can deal with technical issues or another issue that is related to the platform.

Design Activity Stream

So, what is a social network website without any activity stream? It is just nothing. These days, activity streams are a core of each social media site. Facebook introduced such feature first & as he sets standards in the market, the concept went mainstream as well as affected everybody. The fascination that people have with the friend’s activity is quite real. We would like to know what they’re doing or how they feel every moment of a day.