Some rules that it’s high time they became laws


Is it as irritable for you as for it is for the rest of the people in the world when some people listen music in the public trasport or even on the street without earphones? If it is, I guess you too want this unwritten rule to be accepted as a universal law as soon as possible.

Have you ever witnessed a situation where you give your friend the phone to check a photo and he doesn’t stop sliding the photos untill he, eventually, lists your whole gallery? How rude is that from zero to infinity? What if you have private photos and details you have captured only for yourself? There should be done something about the people who disrespect the other people’s privacy.

What do you think about the people who turn the other couple’s wedding into their own party for their own purpose? How about not gettin committed in the middle of other people’s best day, the one they have been waiting for so long? Is it really that necessary to be in the middle of the happenings when you are only just another person invited there?

If you borrow something from someone more than once, it is high time you bought that exact thing yourself. It is a little bit impolite if you tend to often borrow something instead of spending your own money on it. Or you can, just as well, find a fine replacement for that item among the things you already have.

If you have spoiled the other people’s plan by canceling the meeting or something, it is your obligation to re-arange a meeting the next time, as soon as possible. If it was your fault the things went wring the last time, it is your job to fix this rather than looking for more excuses.

If you focus on other people’s faults too much that only means you see and recognize your own faults in the other people’s behaviour. Instead of criticizing first, make sure you analyze yourself better and see where’s you fault and why do you recognize it in others. You will be surprised from the results.

One of the best and life-saving rule that should turn into a law is that whenever you see your drunk frind with a will to drive, you have to be the first one in hiding the keys of the car. That way you save a lots of tragedies that might include you as well.

Respect the other people’s personal space and privacy. Not everyone is so friendly, at least not at the beginning of a friendship. Some people even hate contacts and closeness. You better respect their will and don’t take it personal.

If you see a woman with no make-up the last thing you should do is ash about her illnesses because more often than not, she’s completely fine. The thing is she just doesn’t have make-up on.

If someone is happy with what he’s doing and that same thing increases his self-confidence but it doesn’t affect you in any way, it is forbidden to spoil that person’s happiness but work on yourself instead!