Some words about your ideal partner


Many people consider themselves as love experts. They spend quality time sharing knowledge and making the other believe in what he considers to be true. However, every couple is different and requires specific method. Therefore you can not fix two relationships with one and the same medicine.

Moreover there are plenty of articles, videos and books that the people have easy access to, that speak about tips how to save or improve your relationship. On the other hand, the same things that are considered as crucial by one author are exactly the ones you should pay less attention to, if you are to follow another author.


The following are only a few of the most famous issues most of the experts deal with. What´s important indeed, regardless of what you read, is that everything you apply has to resonate with you. You are the captain of your life, therefore of your relationship. The more effortless you make the relationship, the better the connection between you.

You have to have great expectations from your partner

A lots of experts disagree with this one but, isn’t it beautiful when you find the absolute best version of someone? Why being modest if you know exactly what you deserve? Why accepting any kind of behavior when you know how should you be treated? The point is to find someone you are going to be proud of, someone who absolutely cares about you and treats you just as you wish. Therefore don’t be modest and go for whatever you think you can have!

You have to leave  the table when the respect is no longer served

Don’t be over sensitive and don’t turn yourself into drama queen. Try to avoid discussions and verbal fights as best as you can. Be tolerant and have patience with your partner. You can absolutely fit without having to be equal. However, never forget about your limits. Know your standards and know where the red line is. Yet again, don’t be a drama queen seeking attention but be kind to yourself and leave the table when you see no respect over there anymore. It doesn’t matter if there it used to be. Everything changes, so can change the behavior of your loved one.

Don´t parent him but be his partner instead

Most of the modern couples nowadays can’t see the difference between being someone’s partner and parenting him. Be aware that you can’t change him in total. It is absolutely OK to ask him to change some things you dislike about him. However, if most of his characteristics irritates you, it’s not his fault. You don’t have to stay with that person and ask him to moderate his behavior according to your standards. This would mean you are cutting his freedom to be whoever he wants to be. In such case change the partner instead. If most of his behavior irritates you, however you are so in love with his pretty face, make sure you start looking for another partner before the things get worse. On the other hand, your partner is under no obligation to be whoever you want him to be. He has to follow his own voice and vibes and you can’t get mad about this fact.