South African Mobile Casinos Market: Forecasts and Potential Growth


The appearance of the internet revolutionized the gambling industry. It made gaming popular throughout the world and accessible to millions who never tried it before. Today, we are seeing another trend rising – playing on smartphones and other mobile devices.

Is the South African mobile casino market managing to keep up with the latest trends? Here is an overview of the current situation and what you should know about the latest technological advancements!


The Most Significant Changes in the Online Gambling Industry in 2020

The critical change is the increased use of mobile gaming platforms, so let’s talk about that first. We are already seeing numerous platforms offering cross-platform support, and some of them even focus only on mobile gaming. Players will appreciate that they can choose the best mobile casinos in South Africa and play the same games on PC and portable devices.

Here are some other changes we expect in the South African gambling market.

Cryptocurrencies as a Popular Payment Method

While not many platforms support paying with cryptocurrencies, that number will increase in the next year or two. Online casinos usually start with Bitcoin since that is the most widespread crypto, but we hope to see support for other currencies, too. That includes Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, etc.

A Large Number of Promising Developers

Microgaming, NetEnt, and Evolution Gaming have been dominating the market for the last 20 years. However, more developers have now started to use advanced technology. That is why we expect to see creativity as the dominating factor, giving new development companies a chance. As long as they have the right approach, their games will find a way to players. Casino users are more educated than ever, and they know how to pick gems from the game selection available. 

Changes in Welcome Bonuses and Loyalty Programs

Welcome packages for new players are not new, but online casinos might use different tactics when preparing that promotion in the future. Apart from the classic deposit matches and free spins, welcome bonuses will probably be personalized. That indicates there might be different offers for various game categories, or depending on how much a player wants to invest. 

The same applies to loyalty and VIP programs. Instead of merely collecting points and progressing through levels, you can expect additional benefits like shopping and traveling vouchers. 

Impact of Technologies on Online Casinos Development

The technological progress over the last several decades surprised everyone. We see artificial intelligence influencing major industries like healthcare, finance, transportation, and education. It is exciting to consider how AI could shape the online gaming industry. 

It would be interesting to see a robot hosting a live online casino session, but we are still far from that dream. However, we see AI affecting the background of the internet gambling industry. 

That includes the following:

  • Helping to recognize addicts – gambling addiction is the industry’s biggest problem. Artificial intelligence can help to recognize patterns and identify addicts before things get out of hand. 
  • Data collection – AI could gather and process information to ensure that the providers understand players’ needs better.
  • Improved customer service – advanced automated responses can ensure gaming platforms serve players better. 
  • Preventing cheaters – online casinos already have excellent cheating prevention, but AI can help take it to another level.

We’ve also seen an improvement in game quality and design over the last several years. It was challenging for the developers to come up with slots with advanced formulas, multiple additional screens, and bonus features two decades ago. Today, developers can get creative and implement any desired features into their casino software.

We can’t deny the graphic enhancement in slots and other games. The animations are better, sounds are improved, and that enhances the overall user experience. As for live casinos, they now stream in HD and even 4K. That contributes to feeling like you are in a land-based gaming facility.

Mobile Casinos as a Future of Online Gambling

The fact is that users are migrating toward mobile devices for using the internet. We’ve seen a huge increase in mobile gaming in the last several years, and the odds are that it will only continue in the future.

Online gambling platforms are following this trend. The majority offers at least a responsive website design that adapts to portable gadgets. Whether you browse from a smartphone or tablet, the site will adjust to the screen size to ensure an optimal playing experience. Many platforms also have dedicated apps for iOS and Android.

Mobile gaming is a whole new market, and it allows internet casinos to reach new customers. Users love having the option to play on the go. They can play from home, but also on the bus and while on vacation. That increases the turnaround and potential profits of the online gaming industry.


South African mobile casinos adapt to changes and utilize the potential and players’ desire to play on the go. More games are becoming available on portable devices, and platforms offer flawless playing experience and cross-platform support. One thing is certain – the industry’s future is exciting. There is no doubt that the South African gaming industry follows the latest standards and tries hard to meet players’ expectations.