Spectacular Under Stairs Designs That Will Blow Your Mind


The space under the stairs is most of the times left unused, when in fact can be turned into some smart designs. In this article I have collected for you some Spectacular Under Stairs Designs That Will Blow Your Mind. I’m sure that they are going to give you some ideas about how to use it in the most amazing ways. Check them out and see what I’m talking about!

The built-in shelves look fantastic under the stairs. This is the perfect spot where to put your favorite decorative items. How do you like it?

Image via ultimatechristoph.com

If you are lover of wine, and you don’t have enough space for a wine cellar in your apartment or house, we suggest you to use the space under the stairs to store it.

Image via ehomecoverage.com

Have you ever thought of using this space to put the bed? It’s an intimate space if you don’t use the lower floor for anything else. This would be the perfect getaway for you where you can relax and take some rest.

Image via hotelroomsearch.net

If the stairs are in your living room areas and you don’t have a clue how to use the space, you may consider this option which uses the under stair space as a TV stand.

Image via archzine.fr

Every house or apartment needs two toilets where the first is a big one and the second is a guest bathroom. It’s super small and it fits perfectly well in this area.

Image via arthomedesignideas.com

Do you lack a room where you can complete all of your office tasks at home? There’s no need to be desperate cause the area under the stairs can do the job great too. Just insert your desk and several shelves and your job there is done.

Image via ma-planete.com


I really love the kitchens that are placed under the stairs and I consider this to be the most effective use of the space. What do you think about it?

Image via homester.com.ua

You don’t have to put upper cabinets there because the open shelves will look better in this spot.

Image via thedesignco.ca

If you don’t like the idea of installing the kitchen under the stairs, you will probably love this astonishing kitchen storage design. You will never complain about lack of space anymore, believe me!

Image via minimalisti.com

In case you are a book worm, you will be fascinated with this under the stairs library. Add an armchair here and enjoy the long nights with a good book.

Image via hongkiat.com

These shelves that are an extension from the staircase steps look super fabulous. Do you find it stunning?

Image via icreatived.com

The under the stairs nook look very comfy and I’m looking forward to making m own one. How about you?

Image via ultimatechristoph.com

Turn the space under the stairs into storage drawers and store the things that you don’t use all the time. Which is the idea that you like the best?

Image via fotos.habitissimo.com.ar