Spend a Weekend Break in the Pocono Mountains


We are so lucky to live in the United States; our country is so varied that it’s possible to travel a state or two over and experience a totally different landscape, not to mention a different cuisine to go with it. If you’re looking to save money then there’s no better way to do so than by vacationing without heading abroad. There’s no need for that to mean your vacation is any less fun though; the Pocono Mountains are the perfect place to enjoy a holiday thanks to the plethora of activities and, of course, the breathtaking landscape.

Stay At Mount Airy Casino Resort

If you’re lucky enough to live close to the area then by all means cut the costs and stay at home. However, there’s something special about staying at a hotel so, for this guide, we’ve found you one. The Mount Airy Casino Resort will be your base for the weekend. There’s everything you could need from a hotel, with the added bonus of great entertainment on site. The casino here is well-known for its wide range of table games, so it’s recommended to get up to speed with the rules before you arrive. This guide to online poker in Pennsylvania will help those who want to look like they know the part at the poker table. Once you’re finished playing at the resort, it’s time to head to our next activity.

Visit the Hickory Run State Park

The mountains have more than their fair share of wild beauty, so there are plenty of state parks to choose from, but today we’re heading to Hickory Run State Park. At almost 16,000 acres this park is as big as it is beautiful. You’ll have miles and miles of unspoilt hiking trails to set out on in order to work up an appetite before lunch. This park is particularly beautiful during the autumn when the stunning reds and golds of the foliage shine brightly in the sunshine. Although the hikes are suitable for beginners, it’s a good idea to bring a waterproof coat and some sturdy shoes just in case. It’s worth bearing in mind that whilst the sunsets here are phenomenal, the park does close before it gets dark, so aim to be close to the car (and the exit!) if you really want to watch the sun go down.

Eat at The Water’s Edge Restaurant

Although half of the joy of holidaying locally is getting to save some money, there are certain occasions where it really is worth splashing out and a meal at The Water’s Edge is one of those occasions. This restaurant serves local cuisine with a perfectly executed modern twist. The plates are elegant and refined, with those chef-y touches that we all love to snap and share on Instagram. However, no matter how beautiful the plates look, the taste of the produce always shines through. If you’re after something a little simpler then there are plenty of places serving delicious homestyle cooking in the mountains, but those with a distinguished palate should definitely make reservations here.