Spend your Vacations Exploring the Tallest Freestanding Mountain in the World


Being in complete social isolation through a major part of 2020 has had severe psychological implications on our health. The global pandemic halted our normal lives, however, it gave us a chance to reflect upon ourselves and our surroundings. As the year filled with unfortunate incidents conclude, and the world slowly starts to recover, we move into the new year with hopes of a more joyous beginning.


The travelling and tourism industry endured huge losses in the last year, as people were unable to enjoy any vacations. These vacations are an important source of recreational activities for students, employees and businessmen, as they induce a positive influence over the mindset of the individual. Vacationing has proven to be a spiritually purifying activity, as it is an escape from the hectic daily loop of routines for individuals.

One of the most exciting travel destination

When it comes to travelling, people have different preferences. Someone likes to spend their time at peaceful shores and beaches, whereas some people prefer wandering through beautiful mountains. Each of which is distinctive in its own way. However, today we have outlined the details of exploring one of the most breathtaking mountains in the world. The Mount Kilimanjaro of Tanzania is not only the highest volcano outside South America, but it is also one of the seven summits in the world. Standing tall at 19,341 feet, it has been a popular tourist attraction spot.

Entertaining over twenty thousand tourists from all over the world every year, Mount Kilimanjaro is an exciting and adventurous vacation destination. The tourists hiking up the mountain experience five different ecosystems on their way, including rainforest, wilderness, and a snowy peak. The versatility of the region can be determined by the fact that tourists experience temperatures varying from 20 degree Celsius to -15 degrees during their hike of 6-8 days. Furthermore, there are around six different hike routes, each different in their attributes. Out of these, the Lemosho Route is considered to offer the most beautiful and enthralling trekking trails.

How can you climb Kilimanjaro?

Mount Kilimanjaro is accessible to tourists from all over the world. People plan a tour of around 15 days with a tour guiding company that assists them throughout their tour. These tour guiding companies play a pivotal role throughout the adventurous hike. They supervise the trekking preparations, and medical condition of the tourist. As the varying temperature and high altitude can induce many health problems in individuals, tour guides also provide first-aid medical facilities to them. The Government of Tanzania has also obliged every tourist to team up with a suitable tour guiding agency, as no private tours are allowed.

Planning a tour to Mount Kilimanjaro is pretty simple, as the visa policy of Tanzania is highly tourist friendly. Tourists only have to take care of a few procedural obligations, and they are good to go. On average, the hiking trip costs anywhere around $2000-$4000 covering all the expenses for the tour. Nonetheless, this adventurous hike ticks all the boxes for an exciting vacation, and the close exposure to nature makes it a remarkably soulful and life changing trip.