Spots You Might Have Missed While Childproofing


Once you’ve kids who’re capable to walk, crawl and more around, one of the major concerns mom and dad is undoubtedly how safe their kid is going to be while in the new condo Singapore. Childproofing is one of the main things that several parents do, even before their kid is born. Though Childproofing can be a little complicated, and several parents accidentally miss a few of the most harmful spots in the home while Childproofing their house.

Childproofing is not something you do once a weekend; it is a regular procedure of making sure the environment is completely safe for their age and development phase of your kid. For instance, baby-proofing starts before you bring your toddler home by making sure you know how to use your vehicle seat perfectly and making sure you’ve a safe sleep environment to prevent suffocation or SIDS.


When your kid is about one year of age, you have started keeping an eye out of things like keeping dishwasher out of reach. When your kid reaches the age of five, it is vital to talk your kid about stranger danger. When your kid is about the age of ten, it is time to set some boundaries, have safeguards and start conversations on staying safe on the web. So let’s first dissuasion about the first year or 2 and how to look at some usual spots of your home.

Before you ever get started, it’s vital to first understand the basics of Childproofing. If you’re presently Childproofing your house, here’re 6 spots that you have to pay deep attention to and ensure that you Childproof.

Corners and Edges

When your child starts walking, edges and corners will suddenly become your worst nightmare. While they might not look all that harmful, things like end tables, coffee tables, windowsills, and fireplace heaths are entire potentially harmful. In addition to keeping a sharp eye on your kid around these spots, you have to cushion these edges with bumpers, you can get convenient corner bumpers at most toddler stores.

If you are not sure if you kid will actually hit their head on a surface, it’s forever better to be safe than sorry and cover the edges/corners anyway. You might be amazed how simply your kid can hurt themselves on edges and corners.


This is one place of the house that’s simple to forget, but it’s extremely vital. Toilets might not look that appealing to you, but to kids, they seem like a small pool or a fun spot to drop toys and some other objects. This is a simple fix with a plain plastic safety latch.

Storage Areas

Just because your kids cannot see a potentially harmful object, it does not mean that they would not find it. When you’re Childproofing your house, you have to make sure all that’d be potentially harmful is locked and hidden. This means medications, cleaning supplies, antifreeze, drinks, or anything that your kid might think about putting in mouth. Also, do not assume that putting it on a high shelf will work kids are identified for their expert climbing skills.

Stairs and Doorways

Stairs are going to look truly fun for kids, so ensure that you’ve solid safety gates at the peak and the bottom of these stairs. You’ll also wish a Childproof plastic doorknob cover for each room in the house that might to a harmful spot (such as the bathroom or garage).


Just because you usually keep your windows closed, it does not mean that your kid would not find a method to open them up and accidentally tumble out. Metal windows guards can aid prevent this from occurring. Ensure you pay deep attention to the cords beside your window blinds as well, they can be a strangulation danger. The fine news is, they can shorten and kept out of reach from kids while you are Childproofing.


Most mothers and fathers know that they’d cover the outlets in their house while Childproofing, but it’s worth mentioning as it’s such a vital part of perfect Childproofing. Ensure that you put those plastic covers in entire of your sockets, even those you think your kid cannot reach. Once they’re toddler, chances are they’ll find a method to insert their finger in there.

Key Tips for Childproofing Your Home

  • Make Sure Your Furniture is Safe

Always test your end tables and chairs to see how much weight is required for them to tip over. Kids can be put at high risk for injury from unstable or wobbly furniture, as it has a greater chance of falling down on them. A wood table with a tablecloth on it could be also harmful if your toddler tugs on it. Something resting on the table will certainly fall onto your toddler.

  • Get Rid of Any Potential Hazards

There’re several things and tools in rooms that can be risky to leave with your kids. One thing to seem out for is small things, such as marbles or nails. Any small thing can be harmful chocking dangerous for kids if they are left in a room without close to watch. If you do not already, you’d make sure that any and entire cleaning supplies are either locked away or put out of your kid’s access. Items like screwdrivers, hammers, toolboxes and even brooms should be kept secure spots as well.

  • Safety Gates

You will wish place gates in the doorways of rooms you do not wish your kid crawling into, like the kitchen. You will also wish to put baby gates at both in new Condo Singapore, both top and the bottom of staircases, so your kid has no space to climb the stairs and risk a fall.

  • Use a Childproofing Kit

A kit for Childproofing can be found in several departmental and hardware stores. It usually includes a range of electric plug covers, security locks, furniture corner protectors, and appliances latches. These Childproofing kits can range anywhere, depending on the size of the kit and what’s included in it.