Spray Paint Projects That Give Life To New Objects


Giving new life to old objects can help you decorate your home on a budget. And there are many ways of how to do this, depending on the materials used. So, if you have a can of spray paint somewhere in your home, you may use it in so many different ways and thus revive the old objects. Today, we are bringing to you several such Spray Paint Projects that you can try to do in  your free time. Check them out!

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Spray Paint Your Rubber Hunter Boots

If you have a pair of rubber hunter boots that are kind of faded, you can use a spray paint to give them a new life. Put on some washi tape on the name tags to keep them clean and remove them once you are done with the spraying.

Give Your Hunter Boots A New look
Photo via: athomeinthenorthwestblog.com

Mirrored Gazing Balls For The Garden

One way to decorate the garden is to place several mirrored gazing balls. They can be done by spraying a Metallic spray paint on several bowling balls.

Mirrored Gazing Balls For The garden
Photo via: thegardenglove.com

Re-Purpose Glass Bottles

If you want to place some flowers in your home and need some vase, get a glass bottle and decorate it with some spray paint. Use washi tape for more precision.

repurpose glass bottles
Photo via: cautiouslyobsessed.com

DIY Gold And White Bowls

Another way to use spray paint is to make some bowls for storing your jewelry. Spray paint the inner side of the bowl with gold paint, let it dry and then do the same with white paint for the outer side.

Photo via: lezoemusings.com

DIY Copper Tin Can Planters And Chalkboard Tags

If you have some empty tin cans at home, don’t throw them away but spray paint them with copper paint. Make some wooden chalkboard tags to name each planter.

DIY Copper tin Can Planters And Chalkboard Tags
Photo via: homeyohmy.com

DIY Gold Dipped Vase

Here is one more easy way of how to make a plain glass vase look more eye-catching. Cover the top of the vase with washi tape and spary the bottom with some gold spray paint.

DIY Gold Dipped Vase
Photo via: twotwentyone.net

Plastic Storage Drawers

Gold spray paint can be also used to decorate some plain plastic storage drawers.

Plastic Storage Drawers
Photo via: scottsdalemomsblog.com

Gold Rock Candle Centerpiece

You can also use gold spray paint to create some nice candle centerpiece by spray painting some rocks.

Photo via: club.chicacircle.com

IKEA Hack Geometric Lamp

And here is one more idea of how to change the look of a plain glass lamp.

IKEA hack geometric lamp
Photo via: sewinginnomansland.com

Trashcan Makeover

If you don’t like the color of the trashcan, then do not hesitate to spray paint it.

Photo via: crabandfish.blogspot.com

DIY Gold Geometric Spray Painted Mugs

You can also use spray paint to decorate some white mugs. Use washi tape to create some geometric shapes, spray them and remove the tape when the paint is dry.

DIY Gold Geometric Sprayed Gold Mugs
Photo via: onebroadsjourney.com

DIY Gold Desk Dishes

Organize the tiny stuff on your desk in glass dishes. Paint them with some gold spray paint instead of leaving them plain.

DIY Gold Desk Dishes
Photo via: homeyohmy.com

DIY Glossy Baskets

A laundry basket can be easily beautified when sprayed with some silver paint. Here is how you can do it.

Glossy Basket
Photo via: twodelighted.com

DIY Striped And Painted Clay Pot Pencil Holder

An empty clay pot can be used as a pencil holder. First give the pot a coat of chalk paint. When it is completely dry add some tape to create stripes. The not taped area will be colored with spray paint. Remove the tape when the spray paint is dry and place this pencil holder on your desk.

Striped And Painted Clay Pot Pencil Holder

Photo via: bybrittanygoldwyn.com

Glided Disposable Plastic Plates

Spray paint can be also used to decorate some plastic plates. Here is a step-by-step guide of how to do it.

Glided Disposable Plastic Plates
Photo via: asideofsweet.com

DIY Mercury Glass Vase

Make a mercury glass vase, by spray painting a glass vase with some metallic paint.

Photo via: hammerandheelsblog.com

So, which one of these spray paint projects you would try to do? Tell us in the comments and don’t forget to stay up to date with our content to find may other DIY projects you can do in your free time.