Spring Fashion Trends That You Need to Know


Fashion trends this season might amaze you, provoke you, or even put you off but they will most certainly bring some kind of emotion in you. Remember that fashion trends come and go and it is up to you to choose which ones to follow or bypass. The ability to spot the timeless pieces and seasonal trends that are here to stay will come to you in time when you regularly follow fashion drifts and couture fashion shows. However, one must ask themselves with so many options out there, how should you make a decision? Today we are going to talk about the different fashion trends for spring 2021 and evaluate the good, the bad and of course the fabulous and help you choose what to wear this spring and what not to wear. Whether you are drawn by the floral pattern on summer dresses, half-half shorts- jeans, the sweet little yellow mini bags, pastel-colored apparel, the khaki heeled sandals, the one-shoulder dresses and blouses, the gladiators sandals, or even the puff sleeves, don’t worry we will talk about all of these and more fashion trends in the article, so keep reading. 

If you want to see, exploring the different styles will help you make better decisions when shopping and it will inspire you to be bolder and more modern which is what fashion is all about, it helps you channel and expresses yourself in a contemporary way.  

Floral patterns 

Do you want to talk about reappearing patterns and items? This is the right trend to discuss them because the floral print isn’t going anywhere. Remember last summer?! The summer of 2020 was also filled with amazing floral dresses, flower prints on t-shirts, and so forth. If we go back in time to 2014 the flower fashion appears once more. One can’t forget the incredible spring/summer collection with floral decent by Giamatistta Valli. Since we are on the past tour we can’t miss saying that the floral motif just escalated during the 60’s and the 70’s in the West. Of course, it was always a popular choice for women everywhere but since the 60’s we have really started to think about this trend as a timeless piece. In 2021 people are fascinated by smaller and more minimalist floral prints such as the little daisies print on dresses which is so adorable you just can’t resist it. Here is one of our most favorite dresses out there with a floral print.

Half&Half Denim

This is so popular right now there probably isn’t an apparel online store that doesn’t have the half and half denim. You know the one part light denim and the other is the dark one. The concept of the clothing is incredibly interesting and allows you even more diversity and possibilities to use as tops, shirts, and so on. However, this color contrast reflects in the viewer and it seems that the woman wearing the denim is fuller and also loses focus from the beauty of the figure. Our assessment is that the trend will not last more than 1-2 years. 

The yellow mini bag 

It just keeps on appearing this season – the yellow small bag on every influencer out there. See examples below if you don’t trust us. The tinny bag is only getting more and more popular. As the clothes are becoming looser and winder, the bags are going minimalist on us. Whether you love or hate them you should know there is no escaping them, the trend is not going anywhere because there is practicality associated with the tiny bags. They are really appropriate for more formal events such as weddings, birthdays, and even awards. Additionally, their spot on cute, noticeable but don’t steal all of the attention from your beautiful outfit. Even if you don’t go with the emotionally charged yellow, browse around for another mini bag fitted for your style. 

Pastel colored apparel

Let’s roll back the tape. Last year we saw but Fashion names like Nike, Fila & Zara showed us some incredible pieces with pastel colors but very few people spotted the trend before this year’s fashion shows. But heads down to the ones that did. We should have seen this style coming because even looking at it could be stress relieving and just makes you think of simpler, happier times before the health crises.  The attempt to bring happier and sunnier colors back in fashion is one we appreciate highly but we do recommend that you be very careful with this trend. Lavender is not a color for everybody, neither is light green. What is more, the combination of pastel colors can be very dangerous. We are about to see some funny outfits before people start mixing things up correctly. So to sum up the trend is amazing but you should be very careful with it. 

The Khaki Braided Mules 

OMG, we are so in love with this piece. These sandals are just one part of the amazing minimalist sandals affair that went viral this spring/summer season. However, the creativity and spirit of the braided khaki sandals is the true hit nowadays. The shoes look incredible, modern, edgy, and handmade at the same time. With true attention to detail, the mules are just the spark of the runway in 2021. They look amazing with skirts, dresses, jeans, and even pants, so your street-styled options with these shoes are just endless. Whether the trend stays or goes this summer you need a pair of these bad boys! 

One shoulder trend 

This summer, one-shoulder blouses, and dresses have become the go-to silhouette for sunny days, garden parties, and evening soirees. The lack of symmetry with this silhouette is what makes the clothing interesting, it hardly goes unnoticeable. Additionally, this is a type of clothing that suits women from a young age and above because it draws attention to a body part that looks good even as we got older and most women look feminine and stylish wearing one-shoulder apparel. There are a few of us with a wider backbones that doesn’t look as good in dresses that make our backs look even wider. Nevertheless, even though this trend can’t be described as an evergreen it will certainly keep on coming back over the years. 

The gladiator sandals 

The gladiator sandals basically appeared in every city during the 2021 fashion weeks around the world. The recurring item is something that caught our attention before that during the street style observation before the fashion shows. The shoes are truly controversial wear because you can’t seat in the middle with this one, you either hate it or love it. In 2020 the sandals were a popular fashion choice with formal and informal styles but this year it is leaning much more to a casual look. The sandals are typically brought in a marriage with minimalistic styles or eclectic wear where every detail matters. To really emphasize the shoe designers are using high-quality socks and getting the combo out there with a bold design and prints. The combination is now so popular because it used to be such a tabu, a fashion mistake, and basically considered wrong. It sounds like it would go on but trust me if you know how to make it happen, this outfit idea is addictive. 

Puff sleeves 

The puff-sleeve trend popped up 4 years ago and since then, the design has remained a consistent style used by many designers in tops and dresses. To keep things modern and fresh next season choose a puff-sleeved popular pattern like polka dots and snakeskin. Also, it is much better to go for a dress as you can easily turn it into a blouse or a beautiful top that will look good next year. Fashion editors from Vogue, Glamour, and Harper’s Bazaar and have all declared these statement sleeves one of 2021’s top trends. 

Style trends are changing every year. In 2021 we noticed really interesting changes in the fashion industry due to the crisis situation. Bags, sandals, and interesting color combinations became trends. We noticed many celebrities experimenting with their looks. If you want to follow the trend definitely try one of the looks we mentioned earlier in this article.