Spring Pocket Mattress: The Tender Alchemist That Turns Sleep into Gold


According to Victoria Boutenko (teacher, inventor, author, researcher, artist and mother of three), the unknown creator of the human body was one tremendously intuitive genius. This wonderful creator predicted that we are going to not only use, but abuse our divine temples with all sorts of harmful substances (such as cigarettes and alcohol), skip meals, expose ourselves to toxins and eat tons of unhealthy snacks and so on and so forth.

For that purpose, he/she enabled us, or even better, cast a spell on us to lie unconscious for 6-8 hours a day, every day for the rest of our lives. During these hours, our body proves that it is one impressive regenerative machine. You’re fast asleep, but parts of your brain are wide awake, giving various commands to the endocrine system and the healing process is in full bloom.

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Now, wouldn’t it be nice if the conscious part of us did something to aid this miraculous process we call sleep? It most certainly would. Well, apart from making sure your bedroom is nice and clean and has accumulated enough fresh air during the day, what you sleep on has a whole lot to do too with whether your dream of a restful night will come true. I am, of course, talking about the importance of a good mattress.

In order to rest in peace, you need to have something that relieves your points of pressure. Well, with the existence of the pocket spring mattress, our search for the perfect anatomical alignment is finally over. You might already know that your body has the ability to produce an army of T and B cells, trained to recognize invaders by analyzing the shape of their molecules. Well, in a similar way, a spring pocket mattress has an army of individual springs that readily recognize all of our lines, curves, twist and turns.

What makes sleeping on such a mattress so blissfully comfortable is the fact that each and every spring is on its very own mission. This revolutionary body support helps reduce backache and also amounts to undisturbed sleep when sleeping with a partner, since the pocket springs on your side won’t be affected by the movement that happens on their side. Naturally, a mattress that has a greater number of springs offers a far more orthopedic effect, so I advise you to bear this in mind when pondering the various options mattress sale online offer.

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Each one of these springs is surrounded by soft, fabric pockets and they are all wire connected. All of this will make it possible for you to enjoy the benefits of this particular construction for many years to come. Regarding flipping, the newest models rely on no-turn technology, so you won’t have to worry about that either. To be on the safe side, you can ask a salesperson, or if you are choosing a mattress from a mattress sale online, just read the specifications carefully.

The greatest enemy of these mattresses are stains, so make sure you use a high quality, washable mattress protector. A spring pocket mattress will support your spine, but not the micro-biological life that comes with sleeping on a every day. A good mattress protector has anti-dust and antibacterial properties that will make sure that no microorganisms are having an after-party behind your back, literally.

That being said, the final touch of our grand creator’s work is in your hands. You owe your  body an exceptional mattress that will reduce stress and bring about countless nights of 8-hour-ish rest.

Sleep long and prosper.