Spring Time Photography Tips


Spring is a great time for amateur photographers – the best looking places are still relatively deserted as casual visitors wait for the weather to warm up, the light can be awe-inspiring and there’s blossom finally returning to the trees. Get up first thing in the morning or catch the sun going down for some of the best scenery. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your spring time photography and you can check some free photography classes as well.


Wide angle lenses afford fantastically unusual images of blossoms and flowers. A classic shot shows a close-up of some blossom with the spring sun in the background, when going for this ensure you do not under-expose and set exposure compensation at +1 or +2. Such shots will benefit from the use of a tripod as you can train your focus on a specific spot and fine tune the composition.



The low lying sun can create problems when photographing people on spring days. In back-lit compositions, try positioning the subjects so as that the sun is to their side rather directly behind. Get as much spring time foliage in the picture as you can and use the extreme variations in light. A low f number on your lens will focus on the subject and blur background scenery while reducing camera shake.

Sunrise and Sunset

You may find fog and mist are a feature of your spring photographs as you take advantage of the longer days with dramatic sunrise and sunset photography. High positions on hills and up mountains are ideal for these shots. A polariser is the filter which best compliments these scenes with any fog lowering the contrast to make a tripod another handy accessory.



The combinations of the land bursting into life against bright blue spring skies make landscapes at this time of year irresistible. Another scenario for the wide angle lens, this, with abstract foreground subject against vast background a must.

What to do with your Photos

The internet allows for many an opportunity to share your pictures and other ways to make use of your excellent spring snaps. Set up an Instagram account to set up your more throwaway images and use one of the many services which print your images onto products to produce some unique gifts. You could set yourself up a portfolio on a site like Flickr.


Get a Spring Portrait

Alternatively, you can find your nearest professional photography studio, such as Venture and get a family portrait. Professional snappers will know the best way to capture the season in the shots.

One or another ensure you make the most of this most beautiful of seasons. It will soon be summer!