Springing into Summer


It’s hard to believe that already Spring is fast becoming Summer.  No doubt many of us are counting our blessings after the long winter months as we look forward to the seemingly endless lazy days and warm nights ahead.  The garden is blooming, the sky is blue with white fluffy clouds, birds are busy and life suddenly feels full of potential as the sunshine adds sparkle to our days.


This is also a time when many of us want to find ways to welcome that sunshine into our homes in ways which won’t take up a whole lot of time and will keep our bank accounts healthy.  A mini makeover if you like. If that sounds like you, you might like to consider some of these simple and cost effective makeover ideas.

For your bedroom why not consider replacing your darker, heavier quilt cover with something lighter in both colour and texture; or for your living room, why not consider something in neutral tones such as beige, cream and white or a combination of these.  This colour palette immediately creates a blank canvas for you to work with for other items in the room and these neutral tones tend to give us a sense of the beach and nature, water and stone; creating a calming effect on the mind.  If your existing sofa is a darker colour your can bring in these neutral tones with throw rugs, lamp shades and of course cushions. In fact, cushions are one of the most effective ways to create an instant mood change when you are looking for a little extra oomph in your decor.

There are some truly stunning cushion covers to choose from and the range in fabrics and designs is limited only to your personal preference and imagination.  And for those of us who aren’t necessarily the most experienced decorators – fear not! Cushions are a delightfully inexpensive way to get creative in your home without spending a fortune.  You can mix and match your colours to compliment wall colours or drapes and to create every look from relaxed and casual, smart and contemporary, or bold and beautiful!


Don’t be afraid to experiment with a variety of sizes and shapes for your cushions, mix and match colours and of course textures.  We absolutely adore the luxuriousness of the shaggy fabrics and the gorgeous velvet texture.  You might be surprised to find that these fabrics not only feel wonderful to the touch, they look great teamed with any number of other fabrics, plain or textured!  Your living room or bedroom will be transformed with just a few beautiful cushions to create a fresh new look and when winter comes around again, you can simply pop these covers away for next summer and then create a whole new look for the cooler months.  

Cushions… in all shapes and sizes, colours and designs and delightful fabrics will keep your look new beautiful all year round.  So don’t waste any time worrying over choosing expensive items, try a few cushions and throw rugs and see how inexpensive it is to recreate your favourite space at home.