Standing Upon the Shoulders of Giants: How to Promote Your Business


Take a moment to imagine what would have happened if Thomas Edison failed to market the light bulb or the phonograph.  Where would we be today if Henry Ford could not be bothered to promote the Model T as well as his assembly line methods.  The key takeaway point is that even the most impressive ideas will fall upon deaf ears if they are not promoted correctly.  However, this is when many entrepreneurs will run into problems. While they might be great at creating a bespoke product or service, the same cannot always be said for their sales and marketing techniques.  If you find yourself in a similar position, do not fret. Let us take a look at a handful of excellent promotion examples, as learning from those who have already enjoyed success will provide you with an additional level of insight that might not otherwise be possible.

Resultado de imagen de estrategias de pre lanzamiento

The Notion of Online “Pre” Marketing

Many articles refer to the “here and now” aspect of marketing.  In other words, they are concerned with present strategies in order to produce viable results in the future.  While this is all well and good, consumers like to feel as if they are able to get a “jump” on any of the latest offers that might be available. This is when a concept sometimes referred to as pre-marketing can come into play.

The online community offers a wealth of opportunities that might not be available within the world of traditional retail sales.  One example is the ability to promote a specific product or services before it hits the physical shelves of a store.  Known as “pre-marketing”, this process involves placing early-bird specials and similar offers alongside specific products.  These are normally products which have yet to be fully introduced to the general public. There are two benefits associated with this unique strategy.

First, customers are more likely to appeal to a call to action; they rightfully believe that they are bring provided with a means to save a substantial amount of money.  This is very important at creating a sense of priority and it is often touted as an excellent way to convert a prospect into a sale. Another interesting benefit of this methodology is that it serves as an additional way to promote your brand to the general public.  As the online community is often associated with word of mouth, those who receive a great deal will be more likely to pass this information along to their friends and contacts. In other words, this campaign may very well double the effectiveness of your marketing strategy without requiring a great deal of additional effort.

How to Tailor a Campaign Around the Discrete Needs of Your Business

We have covered the “broad strokes” up until this point.  Still, you might be wondering how the principles above can be shaped to suit the needs of your venture.  The first thing to keep in mind that all of the previous rules are somewhat malleable and they should be adjusted based upon how effective they appear to be working.  This will take a bit of time, as developing such an innate form of retail intuition requires experience alongside trial and error. This is also why it is a good idea to use online analytical tools.  These will provide you with the ability to interpret finer metrics such as the typical customer profile and the average size of your sale. You can also better view the relevant return on investment; important if you hope to make accurate long-term marketing decisions.

The second main takeaway point is that you should never rely upon one marketing strategy alone in hopes that it will produce the desired effects.  The “pre-marketing” campaign mentioned above should be paired with more traditional techniques such as seasonal sales, automated emails and standard calls to action throughout your website.  In the same respect, take full advantage of social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.  These are great ways to reach a much wider audience base. They also enable you to appreciate any feedback that the customers may have in regards to the products or services that you have to offer.  You can also determine the efficacy of any online publicity campaigns.

The notion of pre-marketing is but one example of the numerous promotional tools that you can employ if you hope to rise above the competition. Still, let’s never fail to mention that e-commerce solutions such as those provided by Oberlo will provide you with even more latitude for improvement. 2019 is now upon us and it only makes sense to adopt the most effective marketing strategies sooner as opposed to later.  If you are able to take such a proactive stance, success is sure to follow.