Start Your Own Home Gardening Project With Edibles


First, the choice of the type for growing plants is essential for the right choice of the plants themselves. It comes to choose wisely the number and sizes of the pots, because they will become a part of the entire design of your house. When growing edibles, usually the bigger pots are recommended, because they can fit the larger fruits or vegetables. The larger pots also contain enough soil to supply your plants with enough ingredients for growing properly, as well as reduce the risk from invasive root systems of your edibles.


Second, take into account the best location for your home garden. If you decide to spread the pots near the south wall, which is usually warmer, then you may plant a wider array of edibles. The best thing is that the home temperature offers you to grow all around the year and many different edibles. You should only choose good quality seeds and according to the season – plant fast-growing edibles to harvest twice a year or more or slow-growing ones for just one harvest. When you choosing the edibles and their seeds, another great idea is to ask the gardening professionals for some advises. They can better assess the amount of sunlight annually, as well as the exposure of your home garden to the sunlight. At last, but not least, the gardening experts can help you with some very important tips and tricks on how to optimize the space of your home garden for achieving the best results.


Third, when the edibles and their seeds are selected – think about the perfect arrangement in the pots. If you want to get a truly visually pleasing effect from your home garden, then you may want to plant only a couple seeds of big edibles in just one pot, as well as surround them with numerous seeds of smaller flowers. When they grow up, they will create an awesome combination of colors and scents. Another great idea is to begin by growing starting plants in smaller pots. Plant the starting seeds in individual empty bottles of water, cut in half and filled with soil. Dot the bottles with small holes, and place them in the big pots. Fill flush with soil and thus you will make the perfect self-watering system for your starting plants. Planting in a vertical orientation is another great idea for perfect  home gardening projects, where the space is limited. For instance, plant edibles and flowers in small baskets and hang them on the walls. Modular gardening is another great idea, especially for small houses, where you want to make the garden into a part of the decoration. The different modules can vary in form and size, so you can easily cover the entire height of the wall with green plants. Growing in containers is another idea to keep in mind, especially if you want to make a mobile cabinet with numerous pots. This trick is especially useful if you want to accelerate the growing of the edibles by moving the cabinet with containers throughout the house for an optimal sunlight exposure.


Fourth, every home gardening project should have a schedule for maintenance. If you plant starting seeds in self-watering containers, it is true that they are self-sufficient and you can leave them for weeks without doing anything, but there is always a need for some garden clean up or other maintenance activities. Not to mention the important transplanting of the big plants in their real pots where they will stay until the harvest. Maintaining a proper leaf clearance is another important highlight, which should take place a couple of times a month, yet depending on the specific type of the edibles.