Step-by-Step DIY Garden Decorations You Can Do In No Time


Decorating your garden doesn’t mean that you have to spent a fortune. This is because there are many cool decorations that you can make out of some stuff that you already have. And the easiest way of how to learn how to do them is through the versatile tutorials. So, today, we have chosen several Step-by-Step DIY Garden Decorations that you can do in no time.

These DIY projects are so easy to be done and they won’t cost you much. Just look around your home and find some stuff that you can turn into planters or maybe some cool garden art decoration. For instance, colanders or some old chandeliers can be turned into beautiful planters. Also, planters can be made out of old tires, wood log etc. And if you use your imagination, you will find out that you can make so many versatile stuff out of terracotta pots. Scroll down now to see all of the above mentioned DIY ideas as well as many other and choose which one of them you will try to do in your free time. Follow the steps on the pictorials precisely and have fun while making some of these great garden decorations. Enjoy!

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DIY Painted Tire Planter

diy tire planter
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DIY Lady Bugs From Golf Balls

lady bug balls
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DIY Chandelier Planter

chandelier planter
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DIY Garden Planter & Bird Baths

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DIY Mosaic Tile Garden Stepping Stones

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Plant Pots To Water Fountain

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DIY Strainer Planter Wind Chime

diy strainer planter wind chime
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DIY Log Planter

diy log planter
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DIY Flagstone Path

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DIY Easy Pond In Backyard

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Paths are also the must-have part of any garden. You can make them out of versatile materials, such as wood, stone, pebbles, bricks, concrete etc. Some paths can feature stepping stones and they can be found in all shapes possible. One such cool idea of a path can be the one made of concrete leaves. Here is a step-by-step tutorial of how to easily make it.

DIY Concrete Leaf Garden Path

stone leaf
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DIY Garden Ball Decorated With Colored Stones

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DIY Monogram Planter

flower monogram
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So, which one from the above step-by-step DIY garden decorations did you like the best? Tell us in the comments and also let s know if you have any other idea of how to make some garden decoration on your own. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many other DIY projects for your home and outdoor space.