How To: Stop Your Dream Holiday Becoming a Nightmare


Dreams. What are dreams? Are they the abstractions in your head funnelling out the pointless gumph of your day while you sleep? Are they the secret desires you harbour that could never possibly come true? Or are they nothing but places, little locations that you travel to in the night until the light of day and the sound of an alarm clock drags you back to a fixed place in the world?

The locations we escape to in our dreams are fairly predictable, really. We’re all dreaming of sunny climes and glistening palm trees shading clear diamond sands. At least most of us are. Those of you who dream of traversing a dystopian hellhole don’t have to read any further.

We don’t get to holiday very often. Work and family and money stop us from heading to our dream location and lapping up those sun rays.

When we do finally save up enough cash, there’s every chance that our dream trip abroad will turn into a nightmare.

That’s why we’ve come up with a few tips to help keep your trip on the right track. Who knows – follow these tips and you might be able to live a dream without disappointment.

Avoid stress in air travel

Airports are regularly cited as one of the most stressful places in the world. Although that sounds like a first world problem of the highest order, there’s no denying that the endless strains of the airport leave a lot of people fulminating in red-faced fury.

However, one part of your airport visit can be made that little bit easier – the rigmarole of parking your car.

Parking your car at the airport is notoriously difficult, especially with a shortage of spaces close to your terminal. But many larger airports allow third-party parking companies to pick up some of the slack.

Edinburgh Airport parking, for instance, allows a few companies to facilitate spaces close-by. These companies will then shuttle you directly to your terminal. Those stress levels will be non-existent before you board your plane.

Hotel horrors

So many people travel to an idyllic location and end up miserable. Why? Because their hotel has the same level of panache as a drunken uncle trying to flirt with his niece’s best friend.

But finding hotels from hell has become a lot easier in the past decade, not least because of sites like TripAdvisor. Before you book any location, make sure to thoroughly check reviews and images of the hotel interiors. With a little bit of research, you’ll stay in a grand hotel room to match the grandeur of your surroundings.