Student life: how to handle accommodation the easy way


Housing options are so diverse that you need to do in-depth research to find the best one. Students who study abroad should invest a lot of time finding a good place to stay because it is going to replace their homes for the entire period of their studies. Even though first-year students believe that the one and only option they have is going straight into university halls, the truth is they have more housing options to choose from in order to respect their requirements and budgets. This short article is meant to give students a few tips on how to find the best place to stay during their studies. The tips included are:

Know your options

Here are some of the accommodation options you should think about before finally making a decision. Keep in mind that there are differences in price and comfort between them:

  • Checking the university halls first

First of all, check the university halls that are managed by the institution where you want to follow your courses. There are situations in which the university halls may offer great conditions and features for a fair price. If that’s the case with your university, you should definitely check out some details about it. Consider that – in most cases – the university halls managed by the institution itself is located nearby, which means you will cut costs on transportation. Each university hall has a student union that organizes events in the area and keeps things in order. Public university halls help you make the transition between living with your parents and living with roommates much easier.

Plus, it prepares you for being entirely independent in the future. To understand university halls better, you should know that the benefits of choosing them are an amazing opportunity to socialize more while saving money and receiving all the services you need to be included in the price. The cons include living with more than 2 roommates, which may get noisy or annoying at times. It’s the best option for extrovert people, but introverts may prefer renting their own place if their financial situation allows it.

  • Private university halls are different

On a different note, there are private university halls, which are based on the same concept as public university halls but offering a higher degree of comfort. In private university halls, you can also choose to live alone, in a small studio apartment, if you can afford to pay a bit more. Usually, private halls are more luxurious and offer features that public ones don’t offer. For instance, you share communal areas for entertainment and a kitchen with the rest of the students. Some private university halls only include the renting costs, not including the bills too. In public universities, the bills are usually included. You should also consider that private university halls may not be located near the university, so you need to include the costs for commuting to your daily expenses.

The pros of private university halls are numerous, but some of them are important. Some perks that private university halls include are not available in public university halls, such as wi-fi or TV cable. Another pro would be that you get to meet people from different universities and you have the option to choose who you want to live with or to live on your own. There are some cons to consider too: you pay more than you would in a public university hall, you pay for things that you may never use (such saunas) and you still get to experience living with many students in the same place.

  • Privately renting a place

If you have numerous requirements that are not met by university halls, you need to look for a place to rent on your own. This is – of course – the most expensive option of them all, but it is worth it if you can afford it and if you know that you will be better living alone or with a friend of your choice. In order to rent a house, you need to discuss with a landlord or a letting agent, which may ask for additional taxes as well. Moreover, there are many websites where you can search for a place, which is letting you have more choice over the place you are going to stay at.

The biggest benefit of living in a privately rented place is that you have full freedom to do what you want and the much-wanted quietness when you need it. In university halls, you may not obtain what you want, when you want it, which can end up being frustrating. With privately rented places, that doesn’t happen. In addition, you can choose exactly the type of place you want to live in, its location, the features it offers and so on. The market is full of affordable places to rent, but you need to start looking early before starting your studies. This is the most popular choice for people who already tried university halls for a while and are ready to live on their own.

  • Living with relatives

In case you have any relatives in the city you moved into and you can save a lot of money by staying with them, at least temporarily, you should definitely take this opportunity. You get the same conditions you would have at home, living with your parents. Even though you might be limited from some points of view, it will feel just like home. Keep in mind that privately renting a place, as well as living with relatives, reduces your chance to meet many people and socialize with them.

Make a decision

After checking out all your options, you need to make a decision. The factors that you need to take into account before deciding to include your available budget, your needs, your personality, your goals, and your preferences. By analyzing all of these and making sure that the accommodation option you are interested in offers what you want you are ready to make a decision. Whenever you feel like you want to move, you can do it anyway.