Study Tips to Help You Ace the TEAS


Exams always come with many challenges, but the best students know that the key to good grades is early preparation on different topics and familiarity with the skills that are likely to be on the test. Here are some of the TEAS prep essential academic skills a nursing student should have knowledge in to tackle the different kinds of test questions you’ll face.

The test consists of 170 multiple choice questions which test on different categories such as

  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Reading
  • English Language Usage

A student who wants to join a nursing school should have prior knowledge on the topics above because many nursing schools use the TEAS test before admitting any student. Here are some of the aspects a student should prepare on to pass the test.

  1. Know what to expect on the test.

You should know what to expect on the TEAS exams. This will help boost your morale and confidence when tackling any question. You are limited to three and a half hours to answer all the questions given before handing them over. The stipulated time given is divided into the following categories (not including breaks):

  • Mathematics – 54 minutes
  • Science – 63 minutes
  • Reading – 64 minutes
  • English Language Usage – 28 minutes
  1. Use the online test resources.

The (ATI) Assessment Technology Institute has a website that contains different study guides, tutorials, past test questions, test study manuals and various study guides to help you prepare well in order to be able to pass the test questions. The website contains many tutorials that a student can access from any part of the world.

  1. Form a study group.

You should also find study friends. This is important because all of you are going to brainstorm on different ideas, and every person has different strengths and weaknesses. Sharing your knowledge with others is important because the knowledge you have will stick in your brain much better as a result of trying to explain to the other students.

  1. Take a test prep class.

Taking a prep class helps you remember the information you learned and gives you the ability to apply the concepts of the test materials given. A TEAS prep tutor can also help keep you on track and motivated so you’re studying regularly while making the most of your study time.

  1. Look for printed study guides.

Printed study guides are readily available through TEAS prep tutors or the ATI website. You can use the study guides to make short notes and highlight the points that are important which will enhance your ability to remember what you have learned. You should also be extra keen on how you organize your study time. This will help you to distribute your study time on different tested topics.

In conclusion, for you to succeed in the TEAS exam you should plan well and get the best available resources before the test. This will boost your confidence in tackling any question that will come your way on exam day.