Stunning Concrete Feature Ideas for Your Home


If you think concrete is just for strengthening buildings, you are missing something very cool. The use of concrete nowadays is no longer just the domain of external applications. This material can actually make your house classier and more stylish. Many designers are now using concrete in unexpected and unusual ways and it would seem that there is nothing that can’t be made using this versatile material. It can be used in furniture, fixtures, and fittings that produce surprising homewares. Below is a list of great ideas by to help us to add stunning concrete features to your home:

  • The fireplace

If you want to exploit the grace of concrete, making a fireplace out of it will surely make your place look more stunning. You can even make a round fireplace to make it look better and cozy. But aside from transforming your house, Middle Eastern constructors discovered that a thin coating of baked limestone reacts with the air and produce a protective surface. Really beneficial, indeed.

  • Kitchen Counter

Other than the smooth industrial look it will bring to your house, it can also be beneficial to your home cooks. Concrete benchtops and surfaces are tough because the material used is naturally durable. Another advantage of having a concrete as kitchen counter is that you can design it according to your taste and need. You can even carve a sink on it or space for cabinets and drawers for storage.

  • Tapware

This can be an unconventional but very wonderful way of using concretes in designing your house. Designers keep on coming up with new cool ideas like taps and spouts for the bathroom.

  • Bedside Lamp

Concrete may be the last stuff you can connect with your lighting but lamps and pendants made from concrete are the leading trends in concrete designs. The possibility is endless because you can mold it into any design that you want, or just for the housing of the chords or the stand part of the lamp only.

  • Bespoke Bath

If you choose concrete to make your bespoke bath, try to form it any way you want and you can keep the inside shade darker to give it a nifty look. Remember to polish the interior and the exterior of your bath to keep it some kind of a water type.

Fact: Although the cement that the first Romans use is different from the one now, they still did this because their aqueducts and bridges are made out of concrete.

  • Dining Table

You can normally see this outside the house where the sun and rain always hit. Also, since it is too heavy, it can be very inconvenient for you and your family if you put it inside the house. But there are ways to reduce its weight. For instance, instead of using steel rods, glass fibers can be used to reinforce your concrete dining table.

  • Outdoor Fire Pit

Since you cannot transfer this concrete firewall, make sure to put it in a location where it will best fit. It can really be a source of good long talks during the night with your friends or relative or you can stay there alone peacefully without worrying about a fire breaking out because of the unattended fire pit.

  • Crazy Paving

While tiles are still on top when paving your backyard, a good and unique option could be slabs of concrete. It was trending before and is now making a comeback. It is reasonable because it is a lot cheaper than tiles. An interesting alternative, isn’t it?

  • Outdoor Sitting

If you are having a hard time choosing your garden seat set, try to consider having concrete-made seats. They are very durable and can really stand the test of time, no matter what nature throws at them. Just provide a cushion to add comfortability to it.

  • Front of Your House

This is one of the most important parts of the house because everybody can see it unlike the interior of your house. You can try to incorporate most details in your house to make it have a more coordinating look. This can be house numbers, letterboxes, entry lights, plant boxes, and others.