Stunning DIY Nautical Home Decorations That Will Make A Splash


When you ask someone about their favorite season, the most common answer that you are going to get is “summer”. Well the official start of summer will be here in just a few days, and we should be all getting ready to welcome it as it should. When we hear the word “summer”, we immediately picture the blue waters and the sandy beaches. Are you in the mood to decorate your home in the navy spirit? In this article you are going to see some Stunning DIY Nautical Home Decorations That Will Make A Splash, so make sure you don’t miss them. They are going to take both you and your visitors aback. Scroll down and make a pick. It will be hard to choose just one favorite though!

As you all know the rope is a well-known representative of the navy, so we will be seeing it a lot in our interiors if you want to embrace the navy style. There are many ways in which you can add it to your home, and if you are looking for a practical idea, then you should try and use it in the bathroom as a towel holder. It’s a wonderful idea, isn’t it?

DIY Nautical Home Decorations You Should Not Miss

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Or maybe you can add it in the living room and hold your drapes in an magnificent way?

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If you want to make your home more playful and fun, then this hanging decorations is just perfect for you. You can make it with ease by using white and navy blue paper circles and thread. Give it a try!

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Are you a fan of the vintage style? If yes, you would surely want to find the vintage swimming suit and put it in a frame. It’s a great decorative piece that will break the monotony in the house.

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Any plain white flower vase can be easily put in the navy style if you just use navy blue paint and add stripes to it.

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Have you recently broke your paddle, and you don’t want to throw it away? Put it to a good use by attaching it to the wall and use it a clothes rack.

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If you are feeling artistic, then you should definitely get some good-looking stones and paint navy motifs on them!

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The sailing boats can look amazing in the contemporary home decor, so don’t hesitate to display them as soon as possible.

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How do you like these floating sailing boats?  Use rope, driftwood and some fabric and make them in no time.

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If you just use driftwood and striped fabric, you could easily get these astonishing sailing boats. This is also a great idea for a gift, so save yourselves some money and get down to work.

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Instead of using the striped fabric, you can play with beads for a more fun look. Which is the idea that you liked the most? Keep me posted in the comments below!

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