Stunning Kitchen and Bath Designs


Arguably two of the most important rooms in any home are the kitchen and bathroom. People spend a lot of their lives in both of these rooms, and people often spend the most time renovating the two. There are always new appliances being invented for both rooms, which leads to the need to update both quite frequently. There are a lot of nice designs you can choose from, each of which fits a different personality and home style.

1. Universal Bathroom Design

One of the most common bathroom designs is the well-known design that is seen in bathrooms throughout. It is the classic design with cream-colored counters and floors with wooden cabinetry. It gives a sense of classic-ness to the room while still feeling like it is modern and put together. It is one of the simpler bathroom designs to do, since it is done so often.

2. Modern Design

The modern design is another design that is really popular. This one can be used in either the kitchen or bathroom, and any award winning collection of kitchen and bath photos will contain at least one set of photos from a modern design idea. Typically, the modern design showcases many metal components, such as a sleek new aluminum refrigerator or updated bathroom counters. There are many things that can give a kitchen or bathroom a modern feel, but they all can contribute to the modern design idea.

3. Color Scheme Design

Yet another popular design scheme for a kitchen or bathroom is to choose a color and center the room around that color. A common color for the kitchen is blue or yellow. Whether it is blue trim around the countertops or yellow appliances, the main aspects of the kitchen can be a nice, neutral color with just a few accent pieces. The same principle could apply to a bathroom. Adding a shower curtain, a rug, and a few towels of any given color can give the allusion that the whole bathroom is centered around that one color.

4. Upscale Design

Last, but not least, a common design is to create a room that has an upscale feeling. Often this is done with marble or granite countertops in a kitchen, and it could be accomplished with a clawfoot bathtub in a bathroom. While this design idea could prove to be the most expensive, it would also last for years, since all of the materials are upscale, and thus often more durable than less expensive options. With high end tiles and expensive appliances, any kitchen or bathroom could be quickly transformed into an upscale, designer room.

Regardless of what option you choose to design your kitchen or bathroom, or if you choose a different option for each one, it is important that you feel at home in every room of your house. Choose the design that feels the most natural to you in order to create an atmosphere in your home that is as welcoming as possible. No matter which design you select, they all contribute to a home that feels well put together and inviting.