How To Style Jeans For Work


Once upon a time it would have been frowned on to wear jeans in the office, and some companies probably still wouldn’t be very happy to see their staff arrive in denim rather than smart suit trousers. But, on the whole, today they are a staple piece of many a working man’s wardrobe.


So, how do you style these for the office to ensure you don’t come across as unprofessional? Here are a few things you should do and some you definitely shouldn’t, which might just help!     


Do dress for a weekday, not weekend

When you do wear jeans to work it is important to remember that you still need to look as professional as if you were wearing a suit. You will probably be in meetings with your boss and/or clients – not at the pub with your friends!


But the beauty of wearing jeans to work is that whilst they can look smart for work, they are also perfect for when you head out after it. Check out the range of men’s Superdry Jeans, which will take you from desk to dance floor on a Friday night – looking professional enough for in the office, with just the right edge for a night out on the town come 5pm!


Don’t choose a ripped pair

Ripped jeans are a big no-no! This includes holes, frays and distressing. These won’t only look scruffy; they will look completely ridiculous with smart shirt.


Do stick to dark colours and a slim fit  

Dark colours and a slim fit are your best option for the office – this is both flattering and smart enough for an office environment, whatever your position.


Don’t wear jeans that are too loose or too tight  

You may find baggy jeans comfortable, or perhaps you always wear the skinniest jeans possible because they are ‘cool’ and part of ‘your look’. That is fine – in your own time. At work these look sloppy and incredibly unprofessional.


Do team them with a shirt  

This should be fairly obvious, but while it’s okay to wear jeans to work it’s not acceptable to wear a t-shirt with them. The right pair of jeans will go with any shirt, so keep the rest of your outfit the same as you would with a pair of suit trousers.  


Don’t forget about the shoes

Obviously you aren’t going to wear a pair of trainers – save those for the gym. But, you do need to consider what shoes you will wear with your jeans, because some will look utterly ridiculous and others may return them back to a casual look. The best shoes to dress up your denim, without them standing out too much, are Leather Wing Tip Brogues.


Do wear a tie and blazer


Just because you are wearing jeans this doesn’t mean you can’t wear a tie and blazer with your shirt. If you have the right pair of jeans on, people would have to look closely to know you aren’t wearing a suit anyway.


So ultimately, when wearing jeans to work ensure they aren’t a faded, ripped, scruffy pair, you would wear on the weekend – and you are on to a winner!