Suede Jackets Are The Best Wardrobe Staple For Men


People often know about how leather jackets are a staple for every wardrobe and how they play a very important role in the fashion stockpile. With the rapid evolution in fast fashion, the aesthetic value of leather jackets shouldn’t be underestimated. When we talk about leather jackets there are a lot of leather jackets including leather biker jackets, cafe racer jackets, bomber jackets, etc, that leave an impression on everyone around. 

Leather jackets, we all know for the fact that they are a true investment especially for men. A leather jacket caters to all aspects of style and lets you be a part of the fashion trail. Well, with leather jackets come different types of leather which you can pick accordingly for the vibe you want. 

With that being said, about the different types of leather, we bring you the best wardrobe staple for men. Yes, we are talking about the aesthetic, versatile, practical yet the very conspicuous, the suede jacket.

So, in this blog we are going to talk about how suede jackets have made their way from the past and settled in the men’s wardrobe; and how people have crowned the suede jacket as the best wardrobe staple for men. Without any further ado, let us dive in.      

What Is Suede?

You might have seen, heard, or even worn suede boots and jackets. However, most people are not even sure what suede actually is. So, before anything else, you should be very familiar with the suede material. 

Suede is a type of leather that is sourced via lambskin, using the underside of it; making it have a soft and supple texture and is not grainy like the full-grain leather. So if you are going for a leather jacket made out of suede then it surely is going to be very comfortable to wear on a daily basis. 

However, with comfort does not come toughness that you might find in other types of leather jackets. That is why it is more pliable but can cause durability issues at times, but if you are someone who knows how to take good care of your leather and suede jackets are an amazing purchase.    

Why Should You Prefer Suede Jackets?

Most men look for reasons before they are going for such an investment as they want to make the right choice when picking out such outerwear. We are here with some very legit reasons which are going to make you firm on your decision of buying a suede jacket. Let us list down a few reasons for you. 

It Is Highly Comfortable

Have you ever rubbed your hand on the soft suede? If yes then you are well aware of how soft it feels when you touch it. With that subtle kind of touch comes high comfort when you wear it. When you are looking forward to including a suede jacket in your wardrobe, know for the fact that its texture brings you comfort. Thus you won’t be hindered with your movements, and even if you are running errands all day, it is going to keep you very comfortable.    

Perfect For Winters 

Before winters start men start looking for outerwear that is easy to wear and carry. Let us tell you that suede jackets are the best winter wear in that case. These jackets are light weighted and do not give you a puffy look, but keep you really warm at the same time. 

Suede Jackets Make You Look Like A Handsome Hunk 

You do not need another reason when you see that something looks good on you. You can pair leather suede jackets with almost any clothing piece and you are going to look like a stud. Yes, it is true that you do not have to overdo your look as the suede jacket is enough to help you stand out. Even if you pair your jacket with a basic white tee, denim jeans, and white sneakers the suede jacket has the power to enhance your entire look. 

You Can Wear It Almost Anywhere 

You pick any type of event and we are going to assure you that you can wear a suede jacket there. Going out to run errands? You can wear the suede jacket giving away a casual look. Up for an office meeting brunch? Slide on your suede jacket and attend the meeting business casually. Invited to a red carpet for your astounding appearance? Well, you can slay suede jackets there too. Now you know how powerful the appearance of a suede jacket is.   

How Can You Incorporate Suede Jackets In Your Outfits?

If you are looking for ideas to pair your wardrobe staple with different clothing pieces then let us help you with it. 

The Business Casual Look

Are you someone who likes to dress well even when you go to work daily? Take out your leather suede jacket, pair it with a crisp white shirt and tuck your shirt in your cotton pants. Wear sneakers or canvas shoes under your outfit, put on your favorite sunshades and you are ready to go.  

Daily Dress Up

You can even wear a suede jacket on a daily basis, it just instantly lifts your lookup. If you want to look like a dapper boy, we know what you can do. Take out your favorite solid-colored t-shirt, or if you like you can even pick a turtle neck. Wear denim jeans with it and slide on your suede jacket. Complete your look by wearing white sneakers. Add handcuffs to your wrist, and you are done. This look surely is a minimalist look, portraying that less is more. 

The Formal Dressing

Formals do not always require you to be stiff and look very strict with your appearance. You can always use a suede jacket to give an edge to your formal outfit. Wear a formal button-down shirt, tucked in your chinos. Layer your basic outfit with a hand-knitted sweater and put on your suede jacket. These multiple layers with different fabrics are going to lift your look more. Lastly, you can wear loafers or Oxfords depending on your choice, and do not forget to wear a wristwatch to maintain the code.  


Suede jacket is something that seeks both top-notch style and comfort at the same time. The benefits of buying a suede jacket that we brought you on the table are definitely very intriguing, as there is no chance that you might want to deny them. Then without a second thought, buy yourself a suede jacket, as it really is a staple for men’s wardrobe.