Suitable for the Occasion: 10 Types of Necklace Chains to Choose From


Every wardrobe should have a few necklace chains that can be mixed and matched to create a variety of looks. Chains have been popular for decades because they provide a quick way to add style and sparkle to any outfit. Part of their enduring popularity is the fact that both men and women can wear nearly any chain and mix or match them to create endless new looks. Although they are incredibly versatile, it is vital to wear the right type of chain, to avoid jewelry that clashes with clothing or is inappropriate for the occasion. Although there are dozens of options to choose from, you can accessorize an entire wardrobe with just the ten most popular styles. Jewelers offer each version in a variety of metals and lengths.


1) Ball/Bead Chains Are Cool

For a breezy look, consider a ball/bead chain consisting of tiny beads linked together. The beads used to create chains are often connected to one another, but some necklaces have beads with spaces in between, to provide more movement. They are not the ideal standalone accessories, so it is best to wear them with a pendant. Ball/bead chains are usually worn with dog tags for a street smart look.

Although bead necklaces are generally worn in longer lengths with casual wear, many sellers do offer shorter versions that can be paired with other chain styles to create a more formal choker effect. For example, shoppers can buy a variety of bead necklaces online from

The incredibly versatile chains are easily styled, so you can use them to create a range of chic looks. Fashion experts suggest wearing a rose gold version with a fluffy angora sweater. A sterling silver ball chain necklace will enhance the neckline of a blue velvet dress. Add a light pendant made of turquoise or aquamarine to a gold chain for a striking accent.

2) A Solid Flat Anchor/Mariner Chain Is a Sturdy Accessory

As the name implies, mariner chains are inspired by the nautical world. They look very much like the chains used for anchors, making them excellent choices for anyone who loves the sea. Chains consist of interlocked ovals, and there are bars across each oval. The overall effect is a sturdy, good-looking piece of jewelry that pairs well with casual clothing.

Most mariner chains lie flat, giving them a distinctive, chunky appearance. Depending on their length, they can add interest to sweaters and spice up otherwise bland shirts. A longer flat anchor necklace is ideal for a v-neck tee top or business blouse. Mariner chains are suitable for men as well as women.

3) Choose a Puffed Anchor/Mariner Chain to Add Drama

Although the classic mariner chain lies flat, there is also a trend towards puffy mariner necklaces. They are thicker, and links are closer together than in traditional flat styles. As a result, puffy versions are especially popular with men. Suppliers also offer smaller, more delicate versions for women. Because puffy chains have such a rugged look, they look best with relaxed styles, like t-shirts, sweatshirts, and jean jackets.

4) Cable Chain Necklaces Pair Well With Other Pieces

For decades fashionistas have been using cable chain necklaces to create a variety of looks. One of the most basic chain styles, they are fashioned after actual iron chains. Each piece includes interconnected oval links that form a beautiful piece of jewelry. Worn alone, they are unimpressive, but they can add flair to almost any clothing when combined with other necklaces. As a result, millions of women consider cable chains fashion staples.

According to Women’s Wear Daily, the popular chains were included in many pieces shown at 2020 fashion shows. Both gold and silver versions are in vogue and often showcase eye-catching pendants. Sold in a range of lengths, cable chains usually have a dainty appearance that makes them the ideal finishing touches for business and formal wear. Diamond cut versions are especially chic in yellow gold and can add sparkle to understated tops and dresses.

5) Men and Women Can Wear a Box Chain Necklace

Box chain necklaces are ideal for men or women because they provide a sleek style that is not too rugged for women or dainty for men. Links are square and connected to create a long, smooth chain. Suppliers offer the style in a range of lengths that can be adapted to create various looks.

Wider versions look lovely worn alone because they are thick enough to make a statement. Sterling silver box chain pieces add just the right amount of interest to black or blue dresses and tops. They are not ideal for pendants because necklaces tend to stretch. The style has enjoyed a recent surge in popularity as chain link jewelry is in fashion right now. Fashion experts at Elle Magazine write that dramatic, standalone chain-link necklaces and bracelets are essential fashion elements in 2020.

6) Wear a Curb Chain Style for a Casual Look

Timeless, classic curb chain necklaces are made by connecting a series of uniformly sized links. Necklaces lie flat, even when interlocked. Curb chains are popular among men because they have a solid, sturdy look. However, there are daintier versions that are ideal for women.

Like most substantial necklaces, chain styles are ideal for creating a casual, sporting look. Medium length versions are the perfect accessory for a tee-shirt and jacket, dressy casual look. They also pair wonderfully with collared blouses and shirts. Many women combine a curb chain with a more formal necklace, to give dress blouses a trendy look.

7) Figaro Chains Are Gender Neutral

Another classic, gender-neutral style, the Figaro chain originated in Italy and consists of flattened links connected in an alternating pattern. Most patterns involve a single long link followed by two or three shorter links.

Sturdy Figaro chains are especially popular with men, who often wear them with medallions or pendants. Many adorn the necklaces with religious crosses or medallions. Figaro chains are also used to create men’s bracelets. They are appropriate for everything except for formal wear.

The necklaces are most commonly crafted in platinum, silver, and gold. Because they are durable and create a bold statement, women can wear them with pendants to create a focal point for casual and business wear. Some women choose Figaro chains when they want a simple but elegant accessory that stands out.

8) Beautiful Rope Chains Add Elegance

Heavy, durable rope chains are also attractive enough to wear with almost anything. As their name suggests, necklaces are made by connecting metal segments to create a rope-like appearance. The style is popular around the world and never goes out of style.

Rope chains are almost as popular with men as women. Many create a double chain look using two rope chains of different lengths. Young, hip, men commonly wear rope chains with t-shirts and open-necked collared shirts to create a trendy street look that also works for clubbing.

The chains have a lovely textural look that makes them perfect statement pieces when worn alone or combined with other types of necklaces. Fashionable women often wear rope chains with turtleneck sweaters, v-neck blouses, and evening wear. Sterling silver versions complement evening accessories such as silver handbags and heels.

Their style is simple enough that it doesn’t clash with clothing but decorative enough to wear for nearly any occasion.

9) Wear a Singapore Chain with Pendants

Delicate, pretty Singapore chains are feminine enough to dress up formal clothing yet durable enough for daily wear. They consist of interlocked segments that move with a liquid motion when chains are stretched out.

Singapore chains are ideal for pendants because they are durable as well as beautiful. Their dainty appearance makes them perfect for evening and formal wear. However, they also pair well with almost any type of everyday jewelry. Suppliers offer Singapore chains in a variety of metals and lengths, so it is easy to find a version to suit any personality type or fashion taste.

10) Stunning Snake Chain Pieces Do Not Easily Tangle

One of the most unique necklaces styles, the snake chain, looks like the body of a snake. It also gets its name from the fact that it is flexible. Jewelers create these effects by connecting a series of small rings tightly together to form a sleek, smooth chain. The rings are so tightly knit together that they are invisible. Unlike many other styles, snake chains are not especially textural.

Not as sturdy as some other styles, snake chains are often worn with pendants because the effect is stunning. Their eye-catching but straightforward appearance makes them a good fit for business wear. Chains don’t tangle and will add understated beauty to women’s suits. Although their grace and beauty make them an excellent fit for dressy clothing, they are adaptable enough to wear with most everyday outfits.

Chain necklaces add interest to clothing, act as interesting focal points, and give ensembles a finishing touch. Jewelers offer a wide range of chain necklace styles that can be mixed and matched for any occasion. Chains are sold in a variety of metals and colors. While there are dozens of options for customers to choose from, the chains typically considered wardrobe staples include rope, anchor, ball/bead, cable, box, and curb styles. Figaro, Singapore, and snake chain necklaces are also very popular.