Summer Roof Maintenance And Mold Prevention


Summer is a great time to enjoy the hot weather, and if you’re like most people, getting around to some chores that need doing only once or twice each year. One of the chores that you should prioritize during the summer is inspecting and cleaning your roof, and making any repairs that might be necessary. 

Summer Roof Maintenance

Roofs in Toronto are expected to keep your family dry throughout the harsh winter weather and the wet summer months, so you should do whatever you can to keep it in the best shape possible. 

Cleaning your home’s gutter and downspouts of all debris that can block the flow of rainwater is extremely important because rainwater can back up clogged gutters or downspouts and create pools of water, especially on flat roofs. Standing water on your roof will lead to damage and often leaks that can become an enormous problem for your roof in a relatively short period of time.

If your home has any skylights installed, be sure to check for any trash or clutter build up near or around the frame. This junk buildup often consists of leaves and sticks from nearby trees and can also lead to leaks and potentially costly repairs.

Check for cracks, tears or breaks in your roofing material; any cracks, tears or breaks should be repaired immediately to prevent further damage and potential leaks. You should be sure to seal any areas where insects or small creatures can gain entry to your roofing materials, as they will almost definitely exacerbate the problem with chewing and clawing.

It’s not uncommon to find algae growing on flat roofs in places where water may stand in small pools for days at a time, so clean your roof with a soap solution and soft pressure spray to help eliminate algae or mold from invading your roof. It’s super important to eliminate any standing pools and clean any algae or mold before it has a chance to spread and erode your roof. Visit Distinctive Roofing LLC for more information. 

If you discover a mold problem or need roofing repairs (which may be likely due to wet summers in the Toronto area), you will want to contact a professional roofing service to be sure your repairs are done right the first time; Professional Roofers are a reliable service in the GTA if this happens to be where you live. The roof on your home is certainly not the place to cut corners in your budget.

You may be one of the many people who just aren’t comfortable when it comes to cleaning and inspecting your roof for damage or needed repairs. If this is the case (as it is with most people), it would be a good idea to contact a roofing professional to handle this summer job for you. 

Just a simple inspection and a little cleaning may be enough to keep your roof in great shape, but if there are any problems or potential issues, you will definitely want to know sooner, rather than later. Early detection of roofing problems is guaranteed to save you money in the long run.