Super Cool DIY Backyard Water Activities That Your Kids Will Love


Summer is the favorite season to all kids because they don’t have to go to school and they have a whole day to play outside. As you all know summers can be really hot, and we are looking for ways to cool us off. Here, I’m going to share with you some Super Cool DIY Backyard Water Activities That Your Kids Will Love. Water games are a must for the summer months. Your kids will be fascinated and they will be entertained for quite some time. They will have lots of fun splashing and paddling, so it’s time to get down to work and recreate these amazing settings. Turn your yard into a water playground and make your kids love the summer even more. Pick the water activity you like the most and get your kids wet.

The sponge bombs are very easy to make and really affordable. You won’t spend much money and your kids will have so much fun by throwing these wet water bombs.

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Attach several plastic bottles on a wall and make a lovely cascading waterfall. Your little ones would enjoy to add water to it every time!

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If you have a slide in your backyard, it’s time to make things more interesting by adding water at the end of it, so your kids will splash when they reach the ground.

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What do you think about filling some balloons with water and hanging them on a tree? Invite your kids to play and splash them and watch them laugh.

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Have you ever seen a water blob? The photo below is going to inspire you to make some for your backyard. All you need are plastic sheets and duct tape, so get them and get down to work.

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Get as much bottles, cans, hoses and buckets as you can and create another cascading waterfall that your kids would love to fill with water.

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Another fun water game that your kids are going to adore is the ice cube  game. For this game you would have to freeze your kids’ favorite toys and later give the ice cubes to them to rescue the toys.

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Make holes in a bottle, fill it with glowing sticks, attach the bottle to a hose and see the fun your kids are going to have both day and night.

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The car wash activity is well known to you all, and it could be really interesting when you adapt it to real life and your kids can wash themselves in the backyard. Use PVC pipes and some decorative pieces and your job there is done.

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There are so many entertaining games with PVC pipes. Use your creativity and imagination and come with new ones this summer.

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Which of the DIY backyard water activities do you liked the most? How are you going to cool your kids off this summer? These water games are going to make a splash, so what are you waiting for? Recreate the one you like the most!