Surprising yet true facts


There are plenty of facts that sound unusual even ridiculous, yet they are mere truth that the people find difficult to understand. The reason for that is our limited mind. Therefore we give you some of these facts, barely accepted by the vast majority of the people.

  • The national animal of Scotland is unicorn.
  • The shark Greenland has an average life of about 272 years. There are other types of sharks that can live as much as 500 years.
  • Salmons are excellent swimmers. They are born with such ability to swim with a speed of nine kilometers per hour. They are able to swim with such a pace for about two hours.
  • Mantis shrimps have the abbility to hit with the same force as a bullet does. They have one of the strongest and fastest hits in the nature that surrounds us.
  • The honey does never get spoiled. Its excellent chemical composition prevents the organisms to live inside the honey. So no matter how old it is, it must be in an excellent condition for consumption.
  • Sir Hugh Beaver is the first one who came up with the idea of the Ginnes Book of Records. It happened in 1950 when he took part in a discussion in a bar about the fastest bird in the world. Just because he couldn’t find the answer of this question in no book, he decided to create a book with facts on his own.
  • Each planet of the Solar System can perfectly fit between the Moon and Earth.
  • There are more trees on Earth than stars in the Galaxy. According to NASA, in the Milky Way there is a total of 100 to 400 million of stars while there are even more than three thrillion trees on Earth.
  • The greatest producer of tires in the world is LEGO. This company produces about 50% of tires more than any other company.
  • The leopards do not roar. They produce a sound very similar to the one that the home cats do.
  • McDonalds is the greater distributor of toys worldwide. About 20% of their sellings are meals with toys.
  • IKEA’s catalog is as popular as the Bible and the Koran. There are as much as 203 million of copies around the world.
  • The Nintendo’s company was founded more than a hundred years ago. They firsty started producing playing cards which later ended up being what we know nowadays.
  • The teeth could perfectly be placed back on their root with no problem.
  • The lighters were invented before the matches were.
  • The people are born without knee cups. They start forming at the age of three.
  • Even though the clouds seem to be very light, the science claims the opposite. The cloud cumulus, the one we see when it’s sunny weights as much as 500.000 kilos.
  • The indian wallnuts are collected from the bottom of the plant that has a tree shape.
  • Even though you can not see it, the penguins do have knees. They are covered by thick feathers, therefore are invisible.
  • Throughout the history of our planet, there lived a total of 108 billions of people. As nowadays there live only seven billions, that means that our planet is currently inhabited by 7% of that total.