Sweet and Stylish Dreams: The Anatomy of a Well-Dressed Bed


You spend a lot of your life in bed so you really want to make the experience as pleasant as possible so that you can enjoy some sweet and stylish dreams, so here is a look at how to have a well-dressed bed which looks instantly inviting.


There are some great places to find bed furnishings and finishing touches such as www.bedbathandbeyond.com, and all you need to know is a few tips on how to use decorative pillow shams and other tricks and tips to dress your bed like a professional interior designer.


Don’t disregard the headboard

It is important to remember that when you are dressing your bed and looking to create the right look, a headboard will play an integral part in your makeover plans.


A headboard clearly has the ability to add some aesthetic appeal to your bedroom and that shouldn’t be forgotten, but it also plays a role in adding some structure to the bed as well as an element of sturdiness as well.


Think about the look and feel of your headboard as you will be using it to support your back when you are reading in bed or watching a late-night movie.


Add layers with euro shams

There is no doubt that the use of euro shams tends to divide opinion and even if you think that they are an expense that you can do without, you should perhaps reconsider that opinion, as it is often an essential element to your bed design plans.


Euro shams help to add layers to your bed and this is one of the design tricks used by the professionals.

As a general rule, you should consider using about three euro shams for king bed and two for a full or queen bed, dropping down to one for a twin bed so they don’t become overpowering. They not only add some layers to your bed but shams can add texture and pattern, which helps you to achieve a cohesive design.


All components play their part

The point that you want to keep in your mind is that all components of a well-appointed bed actually serve a function as well as providing aesthetic appeal.


Combining decorative pillows together with a comforter and a coverlet, will give you some extra support in bed when you want it as well as providing some extra warmth and looking good too.


You can use decorative pillows for show and then tuck them behind your regular night-time pillow to ensure they keep their clean and fresh look, and a comforter is a great idea for those chilly fall and winter nights.


Highlighting each choice of fabric

A simple rule to remember is that when you are layering, work in order from biggest to smallest and back to front.


Using this simplistic method helps to ensure that your selection of fabrics and colors all get a chance to shine amongst the ensemble.


As well as varying the size, color and texture of your pillows, you should not be afraid to play with colors and patterns until you find the combination that works best for you.


A well-dressed bed will not only look good but it will feel good too, which is definitely a winning combination.


Phoebe West is a Mom of 3 girls who loves crafting, DIY projects and home decor. She blogs about keeping a stylish home, her articles appearing on lifestyle, parenting and decor blogs.