Swimming Pool Ideas to Inspire your Backyard


Hot summer days inspire ideas like grilling, gardening, ice cream, and swimming pools. There’s nothing quite like a quick dip in your own backyard, or the ability to dangle your toes and cool down. But what’s the best pool for you?

Swimming pools come in so many options, there’s a little something for everyone. Here are some favorite ideas to inspire you. 

Above Ground Pool

Sometimes you just need a swimming pool now. If you want instant gratification, or perhaps you have a rental that won’t let you build, an above ground pool provides a quick build option to get your summer splashing. Larger pools can be as deep as 54″ and usually don’t require a professional to install, but an extra helper will come in handy. Free standing swimming pool builders are easy to find and are a much cheaper option than in ground swimming pools.

Hay Bale Pool

If commercial kits aren’t for you, check out this DIY Hay Bale pool. This budget friendly version uses bales of straw, plastic, and lots of water. It probably isn’t up to code, but it sure looks like a lot of fun.

Back to Nature Pool

Swimming ponds are a new trend for those who don’t like chemicals or concrete. Created with from a hole in the back yard, these swimming holes incorporate natural elements such as lily pads and river rock to create an all natural look at a custom height. 

Hidden Grotto Pools

If you want a natural look, but also privacy and shelter, then consider a hidden grotto pool style. Builders can create a cave like surround with either a hidden or open entrance. Add subtle torch lighting on the walls, and perhaps a waterfall or flowing stream near some stalactites for the genuine cavern atmosphere.

Salt Water Pools

Salt water pools aren’t really a style of pool, but a style of filtration. An alternative to traditional chlorine, salt water pools can come in almost any shape and size, like Neave Pools examples on their site. The pools use a generator that “zaps” the water creating electrolysis, with then separates salts into their component elements of Na and Cl. This Cl acid then sanitizes the pool, providing a softer, less chemical water than traditional methods.

Waterslide Pools

Every child’s dream is to have a swimming pool with an included waterslide in their backyard. Budget friendly options range from inflatable kiddie slides to sturdier portable options. Even better, you can build a slide right into your pool area. Consider incorporating twists and turns into a nearby hillside, or add some elevated spirals that will splash down towards the deep end. If building from scratch, you can even add tunnels or additional water features.

Hot Tub Pools

If kids dream of water slides, then this hot tub and pool combination must be the dream for adults. Build an adjoining hot tub next to your swimming pool so that you can warm up and then refresh yourself with a cold plunge. Great for the circulation, make this a hot cold circuit. Add a massage by turning on some jacuzzi jets too.

Pool with Furniture

While you’ve probably heard of hot tubs with benches, you may have forgotten about your swimming pool. Consider creating a built in bench in the deep end or along the side to provide easy access without a ladder. A 2-foot depth can provide a cool resting place for you or a handy ledge for your favorite four-legged swimming companion. What about stepping stones? Let guests hop across the water, or latch on to a handhold between laps.

Infinity Pools

Infinity pools may not go on forever, but the disappearing edge can create an appealing optical illusion. The hidden poolside is ideal for homes with a sunset view or pools near the ocean. You’ll have to consult an architect to create one of these beauties, but an infinity pool is sure to impress.

Endless Pools

Unlike infinity pools, these endless pools don’t look that big. Fortunately, in this case, size doesn’t matter. Endless pools provide a current that can be set to your desired level. Acting like a treadmill for the water, this current will let you swim laps while hardly moving at all. Ideal for athletes or space savers.