How a Tablecloth Sets the Stage for Table Decor


When planning a wedding or other formal social affair, some things are apt to become overlooked in the course of the excitement. It’s important to remember however, that the perfect table setting can enhance the decor and theme of this special occasion. Do not overlook the most important detail of all in your table decor; that being the tablecloth itself.
Round wipe clean tablecloths from Simply Tablecloths are available in various fabrics to coordinate with your existing decor and accessories. Satin tablecloths add elegance to your table and an understated touch of class. To beautify your table, you may wish to add an overlay in a contrasting color. It’s important to take note of your table’s measurements for a correct fit. A tablecloth of fine satin or polyester that is wrinkle free will ensure your setting is as special as the event itself. For a party or wedding requiring many tables to be dressed similarly, it is important to order decorations in bulk to ensure each table is uniform in color and style.
When your guests are seated, they are likely to remember the small details, as well as the eventful moments of the party. This is why your tablecloth needs to reflect the theme of the event as well as your personal style. Perhaps you would like something glimmering and shiny. Shimmer round tablecloths add just the perfect blend of luster and elegance, without being overly done. When you choose a color that complements your existing decor, everything comes into perfect balance.

There is another prime reason to choose your table linens carefully. Most likely your guests will be photographed while seated at their tables. Imagine how a tasteful and attractive tablecloth will embellish the photos and capture the essence of your event. The photos that are taken will be enjoyed for some time to come, recapturing the memories of that special day. Gathering your guests around an elegantly set table will ensure an everlasting picture of grace and style. Many photographers also take the time to capture your event’s decorations right down to table settings.

Because you want your event to be a memorable one, your tablecloth should stand out and enhance the surrounding furnishings, while being the perfect fit. Should you find it necessary to have your table linens custom made, round tablecloths can be created to your specifications.