Take care about yourself


The small things you consider unimportant that you do on a daily basis can have a huge impact on your body and health. That way it affects your overall energy which is responsible for your humor. If you practice doing it every day and paying attention to them the way you really should, in no time you will notice changes for better. The majority of the people underrate the care for oneself. They forget that they too matter, their will matter, their pleasures and needs matter.

The fast and dynamic lifestyle only takes you away from the much needed self care. Therefore it is more than important to find time for yourself or even make it if you find yourself too busy. This is for the sake of your health, your body, spirit, humor, mood, happiness and joy.

If you feel drained by the everydayness, try the following easy yet necessary rituals that will charge your batteries in no time. Most of them are free and easy.


dedicate one hour of the day only to yourself, to the things that fill you and make you feel worthy. Whether it is practicing a particular sport, watching your favourite TV show or reading a book, it depends on you. Listen to yourself and do what you feel like doing in that moment.

Call your close family and friends and share some funny moments from the last days. Always keep in touch with the people you love. Remind them you have time for them even if that means a simple phone call.

Find a new favourite spot for your coffee. Even if that means you have to go there and spend some time alone. Enjoy the environment and your company. Live in the moment and appreciate every single minute you have available.

Pay compliments to unknown people. It will make you both feel better. Do something you have never done before. Be open to new people and ideas. Make someone smile for no particular reason. What you spread around is what you receive in return.

Call your friends for a sleepover. Every now and then you will need a night at home only for you and your friends. Prepare your favourite food and share some memories from the past. There’s always something interesting to talk about.

Make plans for your next trip. Even if that means a trip to the nearest city but do it anyways. At least once a year go somewhere you have never been before. Your time matters so do you. Do that trip because you deserve it, because you have always wanted to do it one day.

Listen to motivational speeches and read inspiring books. This is the fastest elevator to a higher vibration. Listen something positive that will make you become the best version of yourself every single day. Be proud of who you are and never look back. Everyone has the same 24 hours of the day. Make yours make changes. Makes yours matter.

Walk in the nature more often and fill yourself with positivity. The connection with the nature is something that’s been underrated lately. Take deep breaths. Enjoy. Live.