Take Your Coffee Game to the Next Level


If you are one of those people who cannot survive without coffee, you are in for a treat. We take our love for coffee quite seriously. Keep reading this blog as we spill the beans on the top six tips that will help take your coffee game to a whole new level. So, without further ado, let’s stir things up:

Tip 1 – Use Whole Beans

While making instant coffee is quite convenient, making coffee from scratch using whole beans is the ultimate game-changer. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee beans is enough to feed your senses as well as your soul.

Brewing freshly ground coffee enhances the brew’s flavour and gives you the extra caffeine kick. It is also healthier compared to instant coffee as the beans are richer in antioxidants. You can also enjoy a more decadent coffee blend using whole beans as they last longer in freshness than others.

Tip 2 – Use Steamed Milk

If you like having extra creamy and frothy cappuccino, using steamed milk instead of cold milk could make all the difference. Here’s how you can easily do that at home:

Boil the milk on the stove or electric kettle and wait until it starts to boil. Then turn off the heat and transfer the boiled milk into a jug. Sceep off the layer of cream from top using a spoon and slowly pour the filtered milk in your coffee blend. This way, you will get a smooth and creamy cup of cappuccino every single time. You can also scoop up the froth on top of your mug for extra richness.

A hack to ease up the whole process requires warming the milk in a microwave. It saves you time and offers similar results.

Tip 3 – Invest in a Coffee Machine

If you are tired of having mediocre filtered coffee at home or want to save extra money spent at the local barista, it’s high time to invest in a coffee machine. A professional coffee machine would not only save you plenty of time and effort, but it would also provide a richer and stronger cup of coffee.

You can also brew fresh coffee beans in the machine and treat yourself to a perfectly frothy cup of coffee every morning. Coffee machines may be pricey, but they turn out to be a great investment in the long run. As you can now enjoy restaurant-quality coffee at home, you no longer need to spend extra bucks buying overly-priced coffee.

Tip 4 – Never Store Coffee in the Fridge

The worst thing you can do to ground coffee is storing it inside the fridge or freezer. This exposes your coffee to extra moisture that can ruin the taste or, even worse, cause fungal growth over it. Apart from this, storing coffee in the freezer can clump it up or destroy the fresh flavour of the beans.

The perfect way to store coffee is to keep it in an airtight jar inside the kitchen cupboard. This helps retain the freshness and rich aroma of the coffee and ensures that you get the perfect brew every time.

Tip 5 – Use Filtered Water

Using tap water for your coffee is not the ideal thing to do. Tap water can leave a weird aftertaste or smell and can ruin both your mood and coffee. Water is an essential part of the brewed coffee, and using poor quality water can drastically alter its taste.

This is why it is recommended you use mineral or purified water for making the perfect cup of coffee that satiates your tastebuds.

Tip 6 – Focus on Presentation

How you serve your coffee is also essential as good presentation helps activate all your senses, enhancing your overall coffee drinking experience.

A simple way to up your presentation game is by using good-quality coffee mugs. Apart from this, you can sprinkle some cocoa powder or ground coffee on top to make your coffee look more presentable. If you are not counting calories, you can scoop up some whipped cream on top and drizzle chocolate syrup over it for some extra pizzazz.

Another way you can spruce up your regular coffee is by using stencil art. You can either use store-bought stencils or easily DIY a heart-shaped one at home. This will not only make your coffee mug look aesthetically pleasing for that Instagram story but also help polish your presentation skills.