Taking Your Pet On Holiday This Season: What You Should Know


Life becomes so much better when the time for a summer holiday comes.

It’s the perfect opportunity to head out on the road with your four-legged friend and spend time enjoying each other’s company and come up with different fun activities to do together.

Your pet is as much a part of the family as anyone else and it’s a given that it wants to join in on the fun. A holiday together promises relaxation and adventure for both the family and the animal. 

However, in this article, we list certain tips to keep in mind so that the holiday will be memorable for everyone involved.

Don’t Forget About Insurance 

Image: Sabri Tuzcu from Unsplash

There is a lot to think about for the trip to be safe for the pet. Taking out a pet insurance policy can be very useful, giving you peace of mind. 

If the question –‘what is pet insurance good for’ crosses your mind repeatedly, the simplest answer would be that it’s the ultimate way to provide security for your furry companion in case of unpleasant surprises such as accidents or illness like kennel cough. It helps reduce the cost of pet care as a result of medications, veterinary visits, treatments, surgeries, and possible hospital stays.

Don’t Neglect The Pet’s Health

Throughout the year, you need to take care of your pet’s health, but even more so during vacations. You should bring everything you need to administer first aid, from compresses and bandages to a pet booster seat. There are also first aid kits specifically designed for travel.

Before leaving, check that your pet’s vaccination register is up to date and get all the necessary shots for the country you’d be traveling to. To avoid inconvenience and have a pleasant holiday, especially during a stay abroad, it may be wise to treat your dog against parasites.

If you’re unsure about anything before you go away with your pet, you should consult your veterinarian. They will give you good advice on how to keep your cat or dog calm during the trip and make sure that the pet is healthy enough for longer journeys. Pack extra medicine, if your pet needs it, to avoid being left without while you are traveling.

Finally, do not forget to put your dog’s health record book in your suitcase. It will be helpful during an urgent examination with a veterinarian.

Don’t Change Its Eating Habits

If people can adapt to new situations, especially during holidays, this is not necessarily the case for your loving pet. A change of place or diet can be alarming and affect its health.

If your pet is fed with special food, it’s necessary to maintain the same animal feed for it to stay well. During the holiday, it’s also preferable to feed your pet at the same time as you have been doing for the entire year.

If you plan to travel with your pet, invest in folding travel bowls. These provide your pet with food and water at any time without taking up too much space.

Remember To Calm Your Pet

You should also consider taking your pet’s basket or blanket to remind it of a familiar odor as it will calm it down.

A warm and lightweight pet blanket is a practical option for both indoor and outdoor uses. It will be a plus if the blanket has a moisture-resistant function.

Bring objects familiar to the animal that it will appreciate and make it calm and reassured. For example, you can bring toys that you use regularly at home which will help the pet feel at ease, comfortable and remind it of daily life making it feel safe.

Keep in mind that many vacation spots and public places require dogs to be kept on a leash so don’t forget all the important accessories for walking your pet: a leash, harness, collar with a tag that contains your contact information.

If you’re out and about during the summer, especially somewhere where it’s sizzling hot, try to have the air conditioning on, at least part of the time so that your pet does not overheat.  

A very important thing to remember, especially in summer, is that you should never leave your cat or dog alone in the car. The temperature can reach dangerously high levels in a very short time, so think about the animal’s life and health and take no unnecessary risks.

Final Thoughts

Instead of it being cooped up in a kennel, of course, you want to take your pet along with you on your holiday.

Before leaving, find the perfect pet-friendly holiday spot, obtain proper pet insurance, bring a first-aid kit in case of an emergency, and make sure to stick to the pet’s daily routine as best you can.

All of this will help make the summer experience unforgettable for everyone.