Tank and Tankless Water Heaters: Tankless Can Be the Best But Not Always


While we are now in the world of technological advancement, you might consider tankless water heater as the best choice for every household. This could be because of the new technology and the many options for every application. What if it’s not always the best? Read through and know why is this and you’ll be surprised why.

Now let’s explore and learn more about the description, function, benefits, and their pros and cons.

The Traditional Tank Water Storage Technology

Several years ago, most residences use tank water heating system that requires electric power or gas to operate. Tank water heaters can cost you less than their tankless heaters counterpart in terms of installation and maintenance. The impact of their hard water, as well as their scale buildup, is minimal than that of the tankless unit.

Tank water heaters’ installation is relatively easy as it can be done in a few hours. They are often installed indoors because they can’t tolerate unfavorable weather conditions. These models can still be installed without doing major changes to the electrical system of the house or buying any costly, new equipment.   

The operating costs of these water heaters tend to be higher since they heat and then reheat water based on a preset temperature not with standing the needed hot water. The best thing about them is that they can still provide hot water even during power outage.

On the other hand, tank heaters have a shorter operational span. You need to wait for hot water replenishment when the tanks are empty. Gallons of water can escape or leak from the tank when they malfunction.

Older homes incurring significant upgrade costs stick with tank technology as they seldom run out of hot water. Tank heaters supply as much as 3-5 gpm which is typically provided by such models. Many restaurants and those in use of commercial applications also prefer tank water heaters as they can offer a minimum of 50 gallons of hot water on its peak demand.

The Energy-Efficient Tankless Technology

Tankless water heaters or demand heaters continuously supply hot water whenever necessary. They can last longer, which helps reduce every household’s energy bills and offset the higher price of purchase. They are a great option for families with several members as they use more water for laundry, shower and food preparation.

Some homeowners now shift to the best tankless water heater as it offers more free living space. This could be attributable to its capability to get rid of a storage tank’s footprint. It is usually installed outdoors especially in the warmer areas of the residences and commercials districts. Contractors and builders consider its installation easier compared to its retrofit.

The heaters require less home space since they are smaller than the tank storage heaters. In fact, they can be installed outside the wall. They are energy efficient as you need not pay to keep them hot water full. They usually offer lengthy warranties.  

These water heaters require descaling on a regular basis. The mixture of magnesium and calcium in the water prevent these elements from sticking to the water heater. You just need to let its filter cartridge be replaced ones every two years. They are best in terms of comparable condition to the other area homes that upgrade to the tankless models. Most importantly, these units are best for individuals who are living in RVs and tiny homes.

However, these units can cost you more in their installation and equipment. Major home changes can be necessary for their accommodation. There are also instances when the upfront cost can be larger compared to your long-term savings.  

Why not tankless water heater?

Although most people or households are now using tankless heaters, there are things or factors you need to know first. Venting with a tankless unit can be difficult depending on the design of your home. You may be required to increase your gas supply so consider the location where you would want it to be installed. It is also important to take a look at the commercial applications of the tankless heater if you are to use it in your business.

You have all the necessary information to choose which water heater is best for you. Be keen on how you can benefit either for them and decide for the best unit that will serve you right.