Teenage Bedroom Ideas And Helpful Designer’s Tips


At a certain age, your kids will not be so happy about their childhood room. Teens want to be treated like adults and show their maturity. And for you this means a bedroom makeover, that is a costly and time-consuming activity. How do you design a bedroom that will fit your kids needs and desires? We have some helpful Teenage Bedroom Ideas and helpful designer tips, so you will know where to start from. 

Things that you should have in mind before you start

Teens want to show off their personality and be themselves.Do not try to push your own desires and believes. Let your kid take part in the process and share their  teenage bedroom ideas with you.After all, this will be the room that your teen will stay in and you want to design it according to their preferences. 

Try to find a balance between their needs, desires, the possible limitations of the space, and the budget.  If they want a New York City Mural in the room, let them have it even if you don’t like it personally. If the budget is tight, browse some online options such as https://myloview.com/murals/  . Consider the available options before you just say no to your teens.

Impressive Colors

Bright and eye-catchy colors will bring positive energy to the teen bedroom. Pick a color palette that is meant to impress. Implement this in a form of details and decorations. 

Tip: When thinking of Teenage bedroom ideas, the first thing that comes to your mind is lots of color.The strongest color should be the “accent” color. This means that you should implement it modestly for the best results.

Add A New York Wall Mural

Blank walls are something that young people are not keen on. Simplicity is certainly a thing that you want to avoid, as the teenagers prefer something bold and eye-catchy. This is the main reason why you should consider adding a New York mural. Oversize wall decor is the best way to bring visual interest in a bedroom, and therefore make your teen feel all grown up.

 New York’s crowded street is a stunning feature that will fit the dynamic spirit of young people. Teens love the contemporary style, so this would make an excellent choice to spruce up the blank walls.

Smart Storage Solutions

The number one problem that you can encounter is clutter. We know that teens have a busy life and lots of things happening, so it is better to implement storage solutions. Think of decorative boxes as a place to tuck in the clutter and get it out of sight. On the other hand, shelves too will help teens stay organized. Make a decision based on the needs of your teen, and their lifestyle.

Think Strategically

Teens are in those “crazy years” when they are trying to find their true self. Unfortunately, this means that they might not like their teenager bedroom in a few years from now. 

Tip: Get furniture with simple design and basic colors. Add charm and personality in a form of details. It is a lot cheaper to change the details later, rather than buying new furniture.