Tell-tale signs to know if your phone is asking for a replacement


The mere fact that you’re here reading can be reason enough to get a new smartphone – why? Because deep inside there’s that gnawing need for more speed, new apps, and prestige that comes with owning the latest gadget out there.

If you’re looking for solid reasons why a replacement is due, then read on.

Your phone is seriously slow. Slow mobile phones are a curse of the modern life. Perhaps your current one was fast when you first bought it a year or more back, but updates, collection of files, and hardware decay happens to every phone, making it slow despite repeated formatting or even through using performance-boosting apps.

You’ll notice slowness as you open the phone when you type messages, launch apps, or just swiping though the screen. There’s no going around it, so you might as well replace the phone if it makes your life a burden. Phones should make our life easier, you know?

You have a broken screen/LCD. You don’t have an idea how many users have phones with broken screens. Perhaps you have one as well. Broken screens are a result of hard bumps to the phone, especially if you don’t use a screen protector and/or bumper case. Broken screens are not just unsightly, the fine shards can be dangerous to your hands or eyes if you rubbed them after using your phone.

Having a screen or LCD replaced is expensive, especially for high-end smartphones, so consider just purchasing a new one if the cost isn’t that far off.

You can’t install the latest apps. This issue happens to older phones that can’t update its software. Most games and applications are built using the latest phone upgrade, therefore they may not run on older units. You can be missing out on fantastic games, awesome productivity apps, or software that you need to use otherwise.

Your phone’s battery doesn’t last. Again, this happens to older phones or those that are counterfeit or has hardware issues. If you notice that your phone won’t even last a day without having to charge again, or if you seem to be constantly lugging a power bank to keep it juiced, then a replacement unit might be in the horizon.

Having a battery replaced can be costly and it can also potentially damage your unit if you have it replaced through unauthorized technicians. If you’re keen on having only the battery replaced, then make sure to have it replaced by legitimate technicians.

Your friends/family pleads for you to replace it. This might be the reason you came about this article. You’ll notice that more and more people are asking to have your unit replaced. Perhaps its your friends who are bothered by your phone’s ancient look or bad camera. It could be your mother who can’t reach you when it matters because your phone’s battery died again. We’re not saying that you should give in to pressure, but if people are starting to notice that your phone is impeding your life, heck, that should at least make you think.

These days, owning a capable phone is not just a want, but a real necessity. We use it not only for communication, but also in other aspects of our lives – alarms, reminders, directions, health, productivity, etc.

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