Ten Locations That You Should Visit While Still Are Cheap

South Korea

Every person would like to travel the world and see all of its beauty, but very often, the financial situation is the one that decides which place people will visit. But since there is a solution for every problem, this tiny problem has one too which will help you travel again even if you are not rich as hell. Given that wallet too often has a decisive role in the decision of where people travel and how their journey will last U.S. internet portal “SmarterTravel.com” compiled a list of 10 global locations that you can visit for a decent amount of money.

Check them out below and choose where you will go first. No matter of your choice, you will for sure have a good time and be mesmerized by the beauties of these countries. Amazing landscapes, great architecture, white sand beaches and great food are just some of the features of these countries. And the fact that you can visit them and not spend an enormous amount of money…well, that may be the best reason not to hesitate but to visit them immediately. Enjoy and stay up to date with us!

   1. Ukraine


2. Croatia


3. Panama


4. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka



6.South Korea

South Korea



8. Tasmania, Australia

Tasmania, Australia

9. Nicaragua


10. Turkey