10 simple ways to learn how to eat healthily


Whether the reason is weight, sickness, or other health issues, you finally decided to change your eating habits and start eating healthy. Keep reading, because we have prepared a guide of ten steps, to help you to start eating healthier.


Use small plates

Larger plates mean bigger portions and that means eating more. If you are saying to yourself that you will just put less food on the plate, it won’t work. Using smaller plates creates an illusion that you have enough food since the perception of the food and the plate blends together. Smaller plates make your meal look bigger since it is filled with food.

Always have water nearby

Most of us take a sip of water during the day without thinking, but you should drink more. For example, instead of drinking soda or coffee all the time, have a bottle or a jug with water nearby. Having water at your fingertips will get you to drink water more often. You will find yourself avoiding sugary drinks and feel more hydrated. This also applies when you are walking, traveling, or you are on a journey.

Drink alcohol from a tall glass

Using a tall glass also plays a mind trick on your brain. It creates an illusion that we are drinking more alcohol from a tall glass. But the truth is that round and big glass can fill more alcohol than the tall one. Drinking from a tall glass will get us to drink less alcohol leading to a healthier life.

Let the color of the plate contrast from the food color

When the colors of the plate and the food are the same, we naturally serve more. That is because the brain doesn’t differentiate the portion size from the size of the plate. Use dark green or dark blue plates when we eating potatoes or pasta. to make you pour less food on your plate. But when it comes to green vegetables, like peas, a green color plate won’t work. Instead, choose red or white.

Put the healthy food on a visible place

Place a bowl of fruits or nuts somewhere near the front door or where you pass when you are leaving the house. When you are hungry or in a hurry, you are more likely to grab the first thing you see.

Pack healthy food in nice, food containers

Eating is not only a physical activity but emotional as well. Our brain decides what to eat depending on what he sees. Therefore, if you remove the unhealthy and less healthy food from your field of vision, you will see the impact. Pack them in unattractive packaging such as foil. There is a higher chance that you won’t eat them, at least not often. As for the healthier food, if you put them in nice plastic food containers and place them neatly in the refrigerator, those will be the ones you will pick up first.

Keep healthier food in larger containers

Large containers in which we store food attracts our attention and are easier to notice, as well for reaching them. Food in a smaller container can get lost and be in our kitchen for months. If you buy something unhealthy in a larger package, break it into small portions and pack it in small containers. This will prevent you from overeating them at once.

Serve the meal following the ”half-plate rule”


When serving a meal, fill half of the plate with vegetables or fruit. That depends on what is on your menu. Then, pour the prepared dish on the other half.

Outer ring strategy

When going to the store, don’t go wandering around to see what is on sale or what they are offering. Go straight to the place where vegetables, fruits, and various healthy cereals and meat are located. If you are shopping according to this strategy, it is more likely you will end up buying healthier foods and eat healthy when you get home.

Make a change


We reached the end of the guide, now is your chance to make a change. Make a move and follow this guide to reach your goals. Say that “you can do it!” and avoid saying ”I can’t!”. Believe in yourself and when the results are visible, you will be very proud and confident.