Terrific DIY Twine Designs That Will Catch Your Eye


There are so may tutorials on the internet nowadays that show us how we can made all sort of things on our own step by step. The twine is a part from lots of DIY projects and all of them seem to be adorable. In this article I have collected for you some Terrific DIY Twine Designs That Will Catch Your Eye. You are going to love all of them since the twine is a timeless piece which beauty never fades. If you are feeling bored lately and you have no idea what to do in your spare time, this is the perfect time to do a craft on your own. Watch out, because once you get hooked on them, there is no going back. The DIY projects are great because you can get new things or update the old ones in your home for little money! Check out the twine ideas and get inspired!

You can give a completely different look to your old lamp by just covering the bottom part of it with twine. This design won’t take you much of your time but it will make a big difference.

Image via bet365.gsfasc.com

Would you like to have a letter decoration of the first letter of your name? Cut it out from a styrofoam and cover it with twine. Add a few flowers to give it a more gentle and feminine look.

Image via crafthubs.com

Have you damaged your favorite photo frame? Don’t be desperate but get down to work and upgrade its look in no time with twine.

Image via domestically-speaking.com

We all love the twine balls, and there’s no better way of making them but with balloons and glue. As easy as a pie, and you will still have an astonishing decorative piece which looks exactly like you have bought it from a store.

Image via splashofsomething.com

Would you like to give your cabinets a quick update? All you need is twine and a little bit of your time. Give it a try and bring some difference in your interior!

Image via topinspired.com

The plain glass vases look good, but they will look much better when decorated with twine. This should be your next DIY project if you are in a need of a new vase but you don’t have the money!

Image via bloglovin.com

Would you like to have this twine wrapped pencil holder in your office? If yes, you already know how to make it! Just stick some glue on the plain holder and wrap it around with twine.

Image via homedit.com

Your old and empty giant frame can be used to display lots of family photographs. Just add some twine and hang the photos on it with clothespin. The final project will look stunning!

Image via dailywt.com

You will get a new cool fruit bowl within just few minutes by using twine.

Image via s30893898787.mirtesen.ru

The ugly flower pot can look much more pretty if you just wrap it with the fabulous twine.

Image via inhabitat.com

Make these amazing twine bottles and use it to decorate your home. Which DIY project did you like the best?

Image via freshideen.com