Tesla’s words worth remembering


If you need an additional introduction about who’s Nikola Tesla, you should go back to basics. If there existed a person who could change the reality, that’s definitely Tesla. The people would call him a mad dreamer. His ideas were even mocked. However, the time have proved everyone wrong.


He himself claimed that the technical solutions would come naturally to him. That’s one more reason why plenty of people consider him as a genius. He is one of the biggest names of all times. His advanced brain, his patient work and dedication brought a lot to the technology nowadays. The overall development and improvement of the new technology is based on his work.

Here’s what this wise man wanted the world to understand:

“The action of even the smallest element in the world leads to changes in the entire Universe.”
“Our brain is only a receptor. In the Universe there is a lake that borrows us knowledge and inspiration. I haven’t revealed nor learned all this lake’s secrets. However I know it exists.”
“I don’t need models, scripts, drawings nor experiments. When the idea is born I start building the machine inside my imagination. I change its construction, I improve it and I turn it on. I don’t care about conducting the research in my mind instead in a laboratory. The final result is always the same.”
“Are you familiar with the quote: “You can’t jump higher than your head.” ? Well, that’s an illusion. One can do anything he wants.”
“We are yet to discover the great mystery of our existence. It might turn out that not even the death is the end.”
“The people’s development goal has to be the domination of the consciousness over the material world, the usage of the power of the nature in order to satisfy the people’s will.”
“The life is and it will always be an unsolved equation, even though we already know some of the factors.”
“The modern scientists tend to think deeper instead of cleaner. In order to think clear, one has to have a healthy mind. On the other hand one can be completely mad in order to think deep.”
“This is a problem that plenty of inventors face: they lack patience. They lack the power of the will in order to produce something with their own brain slowly, precisely and clearly so they can fell how will it work eventually. They want to examine the very first idea that pops up to their mind so they spend quality time and material on it. That only proves them they go in an opposite direction. We all commit mistakes, therefore it is better to do them before we start with something.”
“The spreading of the civilization can be compared to the fire. Firstly it is a weak spark, then it turns into flickering flame and at the end it’s a huge and powerful flame that has power and speed.
“In a constant loneliness the mind becomes sharper. In order to invent and create something new, there is no need of laboratory. The ideas get born in the moment of absence of outer forces on the mind. The secret of invention is in the loneliness. It is the loneliness that brings new ideas to life.”