Thank You Poems From Baby Ideas


Every mum-to-be that is honoured with a baby shower loves to feel cherished and pampered, and to receive beautiful and thoughtful gifts for their imminent newborn. It’s polite and good manners to send all of your guests baby thank you cards that include a special meaningful message of appreciation and gratitude. 

Handwriting a lovely poem inside the gorgeous baby thank you cards, that you have chosen to complement the theme of the baby shower, is a great way to show that you value friendship. If you’re not naturally poetic with your language you can search online for words that have a lyrical or rhythmical quality to make your heartfelt sentiments stand out.

A baby’s tiny features and cuddly little body instantly make us smile and want to interact with the miniature humans. When we look into their eyes we are transported back in time, and we alter our perspective on what’s important in life. It’s therefore not surprising that there are many popular poems that have been written in honour of babies.

Getting Started

Baby shower thank you poems don’t have to be overly wordy or a poetic masterpiece. They don’t even have to rhyme. The best thank you poems that are inspired by the forthcoming arrival of a precious little one simply convey what you feel deep in your heart. If you’ve never written a poem, now is a good time to explore your creativity.

Grab a notebook and pen, and sit back and relax so that inspiration washes over you. Before too long you’re likely to find that you have an inclination to write down your thoughts. Go with the flow and allow the prose to cover the page. If you don’t like what you’ve written, you have complete freedom to try this exercise again and again.

Begin with something simple like:

“Thank you for your love and well wishes, 

It was an absolute delight to see you.

(You may discover that you find it easy to continue with words like…)

“I’m so looking forward to you meeting my new baby,

And playing an important role in their happy life.”

Baby Shower Poems

A cute and lovely baby shower poem is ideal for saying thank you after a baby shower party, or just before the newborn’s birth. 

“Even though I’ve yet to be born, I thank you for the gorgeous gift you have given to my mum.

My closet was empty, my belongings were few, but now that’s all changed, all thanks to you! 

Love From Baby

Baby’s Perspective

Poems and messages that are written from a baby’s perspective are perfect for including in baby thank you cards to send to guests that attended your baby shower.

“Thank you for coming to welcome me into the world,
I’m glad I finally got to meet you.
I love the special gift you brought for me,

That was so very sweet and thoughtful.

My mum is very lucky to know and love you,
and now that I’m here,
I’m so very lucky, too!”

Love From Baby.


“It’s time to celebrate because I’m on my way,

To finally meet the people who love and adore me.

You’ve planned and prepared for my imminent arrival,
And love is the reason that I’m alive!

Celebrating Baby’s Arrival

If you have a close friend or relative that is expecting a baby, you can write a thoughtful little poem inside the baby card that you attach to the gift you have bought to take to their baby shower.

“Your baby is finally here!
Oh what joy and pleasure!
Your life is now expanding,
To make room for this priceless treasure.

Cherish this time
Filled with unlimited miraculous things,
Revel in the excitement and wonder
That every new baby brings.

Congratulations on the new addition to your family!”


“A baby changes everything,

Your life will never be quite the same;

Once your little miracle arrives you’ll be proud to proclaim,

That life is more far wonderful than you had previously thought was possible.”

Online Poems 

If you’re really stuck for inspiration you can always search online for a short and sweet baby poem that you can write in a beautiful baby card. Here are a few examples by Joanna Fuchs:

Time Well Spent

See tiny fingers and tiny toes,
Bright baby eyes, cute baby nose;
Hear baby gurgles and baby sighs,
As Mom and Dad sing lullabies.

Life is changed, but that’s okay;
It’s fun to spend glad hours each day,
Taking time for all the good
That comes along with parenthood.


Your baby is a legacy
to the rest of us,
a gift of your wisdom,
your manners, your love.
The two of you
have created a treasure
to be cherished
by all who come after.
Thank you, and congratulations!

Alternative Suggestions

You can also use a poem generator to create a variety of styles. Here is a traditional 5 line Tanka poem generated via an online resource:

Baby – A Tanka Poem

by Anon

“I love my baby
She is so happy and cheerful.
She has soft fingers
And a beautiful smile too
She cuddles; I feel happy.”

If poems don’t float your boat you can always write a line or two of prose from a favourite childhood storybook, inside your baby thank you cards. Draw inspiration from the famous literary greats, and use quotes from childhood classics to help you communicate your loving message.